Acer CyberGamer QuakeLive Duel...

Acer CyberGamer QuakeLive Duel Championships

Acer CyberGamer QuakeLive Duel Championships

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May 13th 2010
CyberGamer Championship Series: Quake Live Duel Championships

CyberGamer in association with Acer, PC PowerPlay, and 4SeasonsGaming are proud to announce the launch of the next instalment in the CyberGamer Championship Series, the QuakeLive Duel Championships!

Anyone in Australia will be welcomed to register for this event but only the top 32 of all of the applicants will be selected to battle it out at City Hunter Internet Café in Chinatown Sydney for the right to call themselves the Australian QuakeLive Duel Champion.

So get ready to be railed rocketed and struck by lightning during one intense day of fragging with Mick05 from 4SeasonsGaming there covering all the frags all the hype and all the action in what will be a colossal day.

At the event duellers will be lined up into 8 groups of 4 duellers where they will battle it out against each dueller in best of 1 encounters with all of the other duellers in their group. The top dueller in each group will advance to the next group stage where two groups of four will go at it again. Once that group stage is completed the top 4 will advance to the semi finals for best of 3 and the winners of that on to the best of 5 grand final main event.

How to get involved? It's easy just head on over to the application form here:

Fill in an application and follow the CyberGamer front page where on the 30th of May we will post up the 32 accepted applicants and fire off an email with instructions on how to get to the venue.

Acer has gone large and are offering up one of the brand new $6999 Acer Aspire G7750 gaming machines for the player who walks away victorious, a huge prize for a huge day of duelling. On top of that the winning dueller will be profiled in the next release of PC PowerPlay magazine in the dedicated esports section "The Veldt".

Disclaimer: All applicants need to be able to get themselves to the event in Sydney, neither CyberGamer, Acer, or PC PowerPlay are covering travel or meals expenses. If you cannot attend the event based on the above conditions do no apply to compete.

Applications open: 20th May 2010
Applications close: 5:00PM AEST 30th May 2010
Players Selected Announced: 8:30PM AEST 30th May 2010
Live event: 6th June 2010

Application form

Acer Aspire G7750
Intel Core i7 Processor 3.06Ghz 8mb Cache 1333MHz FSB
GD24HQ 3D Gaming Monitor
8GB DDR3 1066MHz Memory
4TB (4x1TB) 7200RPM HDD's
Blue Ray Drive and DVD Super Multi Drive
Card reader and firewire ports
2x Nvidia GTX480 Video Cards (2 way SLI)
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G9 Gaming Mouse
Embedded High Definition Audio with 7.1ch Surround Sound and EAX 5.0
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
1 Year Pickup and Return Warranty

Event Schedule:
12:00 – Group Stage 1
01:00 – Group Stage 2
02:00 – Semi Finals 1
03:00 – Semi Finals 2
04:00 – Grand Final

Venue: City Hunter Internet Café Chinatown
Level 1, 374 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000
02 9261 0768

PC PowerPlay:

Richard Lawes
Business Manager – CyberGamer Pty Ltd
[email protected]


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5:31pm May 20th 10

huge! gw talony, glad to see cg getting involved in quake


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5:43pm May 20th 10

great news hope to see people who play and people who enjoy watching attend! All is welcome, free event!


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5:49pm May 20th 10

definately going to this.

i forgot to put (07) in front of my contact number on the application though! (<noob)


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5:50pm May 20th 10

its ok zlr ill just keep dialing going is ZLR there untill i get to 7


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its ok zlr ill just keep dialing going is ZLR there untill i get to 7

Quote from Talnoy on the 20th of May 2010

lol sorry, i will freely admit the noobness of myself.


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5:56pm May 20th 10

should be a great event chance to rage zealor in the face for being a terrible dueler XD


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6:07pm May 20th 10

I'm excited.


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6:36pm May 20th 10

I hope CityHunter's internet gets decent pings to the Sydney servers!

FYI: The sign up form cut off the 0 (first digit) of my mobile number...


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7:18pm May 20th 10

i think because +61 (0) is the Australian mobile area code? i could be wrong tho


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8:34pm May 20th 10

glhf will watch for sure


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10:42pm May 20th 10

HUGEEE prize, the winner is going to be so happy.


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11:19pm May 20th 10

Cyhper should win this easy.