Sydney & Dandenong join the St...

Sydney & Dandenong join the StarCraft II CG-Live ladder - $6500

Sydney & Dandenong join the StarCraft II CG-Live ladder - $6500

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YES, the title says it all! $6500 up for grabs in gaming centers across Australia. The game? StarCraft II, due to be release on the 27th of this month. CyberGamer is proud to present to you the StarCraft II CG-Live Ladder. You will now be able to participate in this event from Dandenong and from Sydney, right in the CBD actually; on George Street. We are excited to announce the two newest Gaming Centers to join this event, none other than Beyond Internet & Gaming and Lab G-14

If you live in any of the following places, you have access to this awesome Live Ladder with lots of great prizes up for grabs!
  • Ballarat
  • Canberra
  • Dandenong
  • Geelong
  • Shepparton
  • Sydney

This is a ten(10) week long Ladder starting on Monday August 9th, played exclusively from participating gaming centers. Matches will be in a Best-of-3 format from a pre-selected map pool The end of the ten weeks will see the top section of players advance into double elimination finals played where the winner will walk away with a whopping $1600+, second place will take a tidy $700+, third will take $350+ and the runner up will get a bonus $100. But that's not the end of it, no sir. If you were ranked the highest on the ladder at the end of the event when compared to the other local players from your particular gaming center, then you also win! And its not just the highest ranked either - check this out:

Ballarat, Canberra, Dandenong, Geelong, and Shepparton:
  • 1st ranked in each location $150
  • 2nd ranked in each location $100
  • 3rd ranked in each location $100
  • 4th ranked in each location $100
  • 5th ranked in each location $50

  • 1st ranked in Sydney $150
  • 2nd ranked in Sydney $100
  • 3rd ranked in Sydney $100
  • 4th ranked in Sydney $100
  • 5th - 10th ranked in Sydney $50

Under 18s
  • 1st ranked $150
  • 2nd ranked $100
  • 3rd ranked $100
  • 4th ranked $100
  • 5th ranked $50

  1. All games are to be played from a participating Games Center. IP's will be tagged and checked.
  2. A minimum of 10 games must be played to qualify for prizes, an average of 1 per week.
  3. The finals will be played from your local Games Center, if you cant make the set date and time you forfeit the chance at the grand prize.
  4. A one off entry fee will be charged by each Center to join the event. The price is set individually by the centers and should be around $15-$30. You will be removed from the ladder if your fee is not paid up.
  5. Results will be announced both in the forums here and on CyberGamer StarCraft II Front page at the conclusion of the finals.
  6. Prizes will be distributed with a cheque via your local gaming Center.
  7. This is a joint effort event with the participating Gaming Centers and CyberGamer. CyberGamer is hosting the event and is responsible for the competition integrity and format throughout the season. The Gaming Centers are responsible for local conditions, prizes and entry fee's.
  8. As a participant you are responsible for your behavior both in the Gaming Center and your dealings here at CyberGamer. The rules of the Gaming Center and the CyberGamer StarCraft II rule-set are to be adhered to. Failure will result in penalties which may include removal from the event and being barred from that venue and future CyberGamer events.
  9. Read the Original Discussion thread
  10. View the CyberGamer StarCraft II Ruleset

This competition would not be possible without the effort and contribution of the Gaming Centers themselves. If your local area does not have a participating center but would like to get involved in this event then grab some mates and hit them up. If they are interested they can contact Mark from Guf with a private message.


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5:26pm Jul 19th 10

reserved 1


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5:30pm Jul 19th 10

awesome stuff shame Brisbane didnt get in


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5:34pm Jul 19th 10

awesome stuff shame Brisbane didnt get in

Quote from B-ray on the 19th of July 2010
I think theres still time, nag them (lan center) to bits and show alot of interest if you want brisbane to be eligible!


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5:39pm Jul 19th 10

Its not too late for any Center yet. They still have time to jump on and join. Brisbane wants to see support before they will join up, so if you want to have a venue in Brisbane, get into Elysium and sign the petition! :)

The original post about Brisbane support can be found here.


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6:11pm Jul 19th 10

This is huge


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6:13pm Jul 19th 10

dandenong watch out


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6:52pm Jul 19th 10

wow nice stuff. can't wait till this starts.


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7:03pm Jul 19th 10

Great News.


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9:09pm Jul 19th 10

I dropped in and checked out Beyond last week when I was visiting Sydney, pretty nice place. Doesn't look half as pretty as iStar used to, but damn those chairs are comfy. (:


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9:49pm Jul 19th 10

see you at lABg14 in dandy bitches.. just there to watch.. know a few of them .. GL thought


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9:59pm Jul 19th 10

Heh, ill be playing at dandenong/springvale.


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10:00pm Jul 19th 10

bah, they went with Dandenong after all


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10:38pm Jul 19th 10

bah, they went with Dandenong after all :(

Quote from Putto on the 19th of July 2010
yeah, we discussed it and dandenong would be better in terms of layout of dandenong would be much better. there is alot more room for spectators. the new springvale location is squashy.


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8:46am Jul 20th 10

Looks good, still have to talk to someone from Arena in Adelaide though. I'll let you know when I do Zior.

Am I correct in assuming the format will be like the other CyberGamer ladders, where you challenge someone within a set range etc etc? I really dislike this format, but I guess there is no other way when the format is the way it is.

I had a lot of concerns but I'm starting to warm to the idea of this ladder - let's hope it works out well.