In a time of great Zerg crying...

In a time of great Zerg crying...

In a time of great Zerg crying...

Thread started by Sephyre on Monday, 12:09pm August 16th with 6 replies. Views: 1,661


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12:09pm Aug 16th 10

Comes one of Australia's top Terrans switching to Zerg.

Deth (Zerg) vs Pinder (Protoss):

Game 1:

Game 2:

Being a Zerg player I was hugely impressed to see a Terran make the jump across. Thanks to deL for sending me the replays


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1:45pm Aug 16th 10

Thanks for uploading, watched game 1 and WOW just incredible


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2:05pm Aug 16th 10

Sweet games.


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2:10pm Aug 16th 10

[spoiler]Really nice robo snipe and roach transition by deth won him the first game, no immos to help against his roach mass meant i was on the backfoot not able to put on enough pressure to stop him from expanding or teching, and 5 base Z w/ ultra tech vs 4 base P gets ugly =[[/spoiler]


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3:29pm Aug 16th 10

Awesome games, well done on the cast to


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4:56pm Aug 16th 10

Awesome match! well done deth (only watched to 1st match so far will watch the second tonight


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1:05pm Aug 18th 10

nice, nice. I think deth is even stronger as a zerg than as terran.