Live for Speed Game Review

Live for Speed Game Review

Live for Speed Game Review

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Great computers games are like love at first sight. The moment you power on the game, you know it's something different and you know you're going to love it. This is what happened to me with Live For Speed. While reading about VDrift, a cross-platform racing simulator, on Wikipedia I noticed a reference to Live for Speed (LFS). The game had a free demo available, so I downloaded it.

Five minutes into the tutorial, I was hooked. Ten minutes later, I headed to the official website and bought the full version, S2, which unlocks numerous other cars and tracks and allows online multiplayer mode. It's the best digital investment I had in a long time.

Finding the right adjectives to describe LFS is not easy. Calling it a game would be unfair. The mere fact it takes place on your computer screen does not make any less realistic than actually driving. As pompous as that sounds, it's the sheer truth. LFS is the closest you will ever come to experiencing proper driving without sitting in a car. And the difference is not that big.
Realism - 100% perfect!

LFS features the most advanced, most realistic physics engine I've encountered in any racing simulator. Even though I'm fairly skilled with words, I have trouble expressing the magnitude of quality this game brings. You have everything, a proper 3.4-turn steering, understeer on front-wheel vehicles, the torque twist when shifting aggressively, the squeal of tires, tyre flexing, the locking of wheels when braking too hard, the absolutely perfect motion physics matched to individual cars, it's all there

Driving in LFS is rather easy. Driving properly is not. If you want to master LFS, you will have to spend hours practicing and many days mastering the control of your car. Not without a reason you begin your training with a modest 1.3-liter 115HP Peugeot 106 GTI rather than a 500HP monostrosity you normally see in arcade racing games. You may think that such a small car would be boring. On the contrary! Squeezing the juice from its tiny engine is what makes it so much fun. Besides, it behaves more like the average European car you might be driving, so you can really relate to the experience.


I've been to a Gymkhana course a few months back, where we had some four hours of fun driving round the practice yard, burning tires and learning how to control the car. I have to say that LFS offers the exact same level of fun and realism, to the last bit. Honestly. The realism level is mind-boggling.

Furthermore, in most racing games, I do not bother with manual transmission, as the goal of these games is to hit the gas pedal and go as fast as you can. With LFS, you actually want the manual transmission so you can fully control the torque of your engine at any given moment. And the fact you're steering with the mouse is another unique feature. I am considering buying a proper wheel set, but I'm not aware of any gadget that can simulate the real end-to-end 3+ turns wheel of a real car.


Controlling cars in LFS takes tremendous effort. You will have to be careful not to lock your wheels when braking, as your car will essentially coast with no turning ability. You will have to learn to bleed speed before corners correctly and turn against the corner to maintain the straight line. This is especially true with high-end cars.

And what it looks like from inside. I was third in the competition and essentially lost because of one small mistake. Live for Speed is merciless when it comes to precision.

Graphics & sound

Even if LFS delivered a 16-color experience, it would still be perfect. But the thing is, the quality of graphics and sound is really great. Kids worldwide may point out there are 23GB games out there that need DirectX 14 to run that have better graphics than LFS, but with just a 400MB installation and relatively modest requirements, LFS manages a stunning level of detail. And I would disagree with the kids, because LFS looks fantastic.

Graphics 1

* Higher resolution image in mirrors
* Higher level of detail available in main view
* Selected setup is displayed in F12 menu
* Another small reduction in pit-out glitch
* ESC now closes live suspension view and sound editor
* Some improvements to the "?" info system in List of Games
* LFS S1 / S2 hosts can now store up to 400 banned users
* Admins can now use in-game: /laps /qual /hours /wind




GAMEAREANA currently rents Live for Speed servers.
Hoping for a competitive Ladder, 1v1 Racing, and if it gets popular enough, even some sort of 5v5 or 3v3 team racing.




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12:50am Sep 6th 10

Very good game, 9/10 - should put this on a cgo ladder imo.


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Very Nice
- 5 vs 5 racing teams would be a change from action games.


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Very fun game - There should be some sort of CG 5 vs 5 racing league as well as a demo racing 5 vs 5. I don't agree with nomad that its so REALSITIC and blah blah, but its so much fun... And pretty competitive online, so an actual ladder would be sweet


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^Meh, each to their own.


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1:02am Sep 6th 10

sick game


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yer, good game, highly recommend


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Please credit the real author.

Quote from Burnouts the Kingslayer on the 6th of September 2010

hahaha.. lol BUSTED!!

in anycase.. rfactor is by far the most popular and most raced racing simulator due to its modding capabilities.

iRacing probably has the most accurate physics, tracks and cars at this current time. LFS just doesnt have much of a following other than drift racing (dont get me wrong, it does have a following but its nothing compared to the GTR series or rfactor). LFS league racing is pretty much non-existant in Australia by comparison.

I might add that there are now a tonne of wheels that will do 900 degrees of rotation.

Other than that excellent plagiarism, keep it up!


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yeh, i was given the review by a friend, didnt know if it was his or off the net:S meh oh well.


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actually the fact that it is played on a computer screen DOES make it ALOT less realistic than real life driving


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The Live for Speed racing simulator is an awesome sim. If we were going to make a ladder, personally I think it should be a 1v1 5 lapper, I agree with DevilDriver about a demo league and an S2 league. If the ladder does come out, drivers will have to know the smarts of racing, like being able to race cleanly, not bump-drafting, know if it is a good idea to pass at a certain corner or not.

Also, when a person challenges another person, the challenger needs to choose which car and track and they both use that same track. Personally, I think that there should be one spectator in the server for the ladder race, to tell if it is being raced cleanly and no body is short-cutting.

I use a wheel my self, but I dont think it really matters if people use a keyboard/wheel, but in my opinion wheels are better at times because if you need to recover the car in a slide, you can move the wheel as fast as you want.

In conclusion, I think that Live for Speed should be in a ladder on CyberGamer.


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Plagiarism of review articles is bad experience