The New Anti-Cheat Board

The New Anti-Cheat Board

The New Anti-Cheat Board

Thread started by Asterix on Sunday, 12:11am January 27th with 97 replies. Views: 148,835


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12:11am Jan 27th 08

I have decided to make the Anti Cheat Board a small team of players who have a clue, rather then a large group of "team representatives" as it will be significantly better for the community in general.

The new Anti Cheat Board currently is: Asterix, tal, Field Marshal, rhinoxeros and SkenZ

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of issues with the Anti-Cheat Team, which have been very obvious to the community. Over the past two days, the Anti Cheat Team has gone from a body of over 30 people, down to currently 5. The aims, values, system and process of the team have all changed, to better reflect the community's needs. It is this rebirth of the Anti Cheat Board that CyberGamer is expecting to be more successful, as the new board moves to try to set-up links with anti-cheat teams from other leagues both international and domestic as well as with PunkBuster, for the best results for the community.

Therefore, the first action of the new Anti Cheat Board is to revoke the ban placed on ZR player 'Kudios'. We ask the community supports the new boards' action in reviewing the decisions made by the previous team, and changing any if they were made improperly. This revoke is due to new evidence, new system; new board. This does not, however mean we will not go further with this issue, or with any other issues. The new board feels there was not enough evidence to place a ban on him initially. We will however be requiring him to upload his demo after every CyberGamer match.

This is a new age for Anti-Cheat within CyberGamer. The Anti Cheat Board has been restructured, with new rules, guidelines, a new ethic and values that reflect what the community ask of us. We committed to achieving justice, in the truest sense of the word, for the community; equality and fairness, with a good mix of consistency.



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12:16am Jan 27th 08

goOd luck


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12:19am Jan 27th 08

Sounds like a refreshing of the people and policies will be welcomed by the community. Good luck guys & thanks.


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12:33am Jan 27th 08

Sounds like a good way to go Asterix.

Just a question? Has the League thought about streaming to PB Bans or Punksbusted? The extra MD5 and possible CVAR checks are a nice addition.


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12:40am Jan 27th 08



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12:51am Jan 27th 08

I also think the Black PBSS should be the first serious issue dealt with.


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12:55am Jan 27th 08

gl with the new anti cheat team.


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12:56am Jan 27th 08



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12:58am Jan 27th 08

very good decision i think


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1:00am Jan 27th 08

good way to head imo


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3:28am Jan 27th 08

nice, 1 step forward, 2 steps back.


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3:57am Jan 27th 08

wow i didnt get to see the replies after my comment in the AC forums...

yawn... disapointing that the pathetic attempt at evidence that was brought forward changed the decision entirely and that a blatant cheater as determined (16-2) by the AntiCheatTeam is now palying again.

the only good thing as far as i can see from this decision is the small anti cheat team. 5 people is good.


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3:58am Jan 27th 08

good way to head imo

Quote from smutzy


*kudios unbanned*

'good way to head imo'

wow didn't expect anyone from ZR to say that...

the pain continues for us that h8 cheaters... =(


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4:08am Jan 27th 08

PBbans Head Admin / Founder > Yoda
When it comes to watching a demo for hacks

and yoda, in all honesty, even if kudios didnt get unbanned, i still think its a better way to go having 5 people make decisions then 30+.


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4:11am Jan 27th 08