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Well as a team we decided to end deziRe due to the inactivity and the lack of commitment, so im now looking for a 5v5 cGo team. I'm willing to trial, msg me on ps3/cg or just leave a comment below.
PSN: xTheViper-
Previous Clans: iN, dzR
Experience: Well I was on and off in mw2 but started to get back into cg for black ops.
Maps & Guns: Everythin but Array tbh n Mp5 Spectre M16 AK Commando L96
Sound & TV: PX21's & 32" LCD Plasma
Host: My limit is around 12 so I can host in case of emergencys
Availability: Everyday pretty much.
cheers for your time.

Screenie at this link


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8:09pm Mar 3rd 11

Good player, bol.


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8:12pm Mar 3rd 11

Before I joined dzR, I thought you were shit, no joke, but when I joined, ohh how wrong i was..this guy is a beast, great soundwhore, a great shot and a good guy, definitely a top 10 player, watch him play, BOL bro <3

Items :)

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8:13pm Mar 3rd 11

Very Good player deserves top 15 clan for shaw.
Has improved alot since he first started.
Great Overall player and loyal.

Bol Champ

BTW i put some of your screenies in


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8:15pm Mar 3rd 11

Cheers all of you guys <33


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8:31pm Mar 3rd 11

Vita Gaming.


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8:36pm Mar 3rd 11

he needs top 15 tbh


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8:38pm Mar 3rd 11

Why top 15 :(( cant it be the 24th team?


Add me on Psn if u wanna trial or something play with us..

xAdrenaliN____ (4 Underscores)


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8:42pm Mar 3rd 11

top 15 tbh (:


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8:44pm Mar 3rd 11

Easily inter-final team.


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8:45pm Mar 3rd 11



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8:48pm Mar 3rd 11

viper ya beasttt very big threat if hes on the opposite

a good kid to go large with :)

BOL me and viper package?


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8:50pm Mar 3rd 11

BOL me and viper package?

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9:40pm Mar 3rd 11

Thanks alot all of use and taking all offers into consideration.