The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer

Thread started by Johnny Drama on Wednesday, 3:04pm March 23rd with 11 replies. Views: 869

Johnny Drama

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3:04pm Mar 23rd 11

Dunno if anyone here reads Michael Connelly books, but they are doing a movie based on his book The Lincoln Lawyer. If it's half as good as the book it should be great.


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3:15pm Mar 23rd 11

Yeh i saw the trailer for it about a week ago. Hopefully it does the book some justice


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3:25pm Mar 23rd 11

I've read one of his books, hadn't even heard of this though... is the book good ?


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3:32pm Mar 23rd 11

Yeh when i was reading it though, i stopped half way through and came back to it. Takes a while to get into it but it gets really good once u do

Johnny Drama

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3:43pm Mar 23rd 11

The book is fantastic. It is an extremely well written crime novel which keeps you guessing right up to the end, hopefully the movie is as tactfully done

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8:02pm Apr 12th 11

this movie is great, a real movie, with matthew mcconaghey giving his first real performance in a long time.

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Johnny Drama

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10:19pm Apr 12th 11

Really? Wishing I had seen it now. Settled for the mechanic instead, not a bad film still.


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2:06pm Apr 13th 11

Hope you just trolling, because everyone else sees the post count of 1 and the advertising links.

Johnny Drama

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12:32am Apr 14th 11

I ignored the the links, and it's fair to say mcconaghey has been a pretty douchey actor so far with only a few decent roles.


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7:59pm Feb 11th 20

I like that book too guys
My teacher recommended it to me and I'm so thankful to him

And to continue this topic ... do you prefer a real book or electronic version?
'cause I used you read real books but as for today I've found a lot of benefints of electronic versions


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9:53am Apr 17th 21

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