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2:44pm Apr 9th 11

Hey just looking for about 3 good zombie players that can play Ascension with me also i don't want people who rage quit and have no clue on where to go. I can help you as i'm still learning doesn't have to be a fulls erious zombie sess just want to hit 30+. It's just getting annoying when you go good and then you have idiots who get downed at the box every round or people who just give up when they get downed. So yea you can add: xTheViper- or just leave your PSN below cheers.


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2:47pm Apr 9th 11

Blurz & slayer , zombie g33kz0rz


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2:55pm Apr 9th 11

im in. hit 45 solo and 31 duo, but we got bored


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2:59pm Apr 9th 11

Can we play in a hour?
if you can then im in


I Can get 2 other Good Zombie Players from my clan?

Reply please.


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4:22pm Apr 9th 11

bol creeker....


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8:54pm Apr 9th 11

Viper never not playing zombies. But we can never get 2 other good people and have to carry


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8:59pm Apr 9th 11

Get on im bored ^


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6:30pm Apr 10th 11

Does anyone know if you can play Zombies offline? Never tried someone let me know?


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6:41pm Apr 10th 11

yeah zadna you can play solo in offline.. viper play with me next time, r48 solo with a pic on my phone and round 40 at my cousins ouse 4 players