Looking For A Cat

Looking For A Cat

Looking For A Cat

Thread started by KlNG on Thursday, 7:54pm May 19th with 17 replies. Views: 1,587


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7:54pm May 19th 11

Hello, as you can see by the title of this thread I am Looking For A Clan. Yea really all their is to say on that matter getting bored of just pugs and really want to get into strat/scrimming asap. Love to play wiv clans <3

Little More About Me:

I'm 14years old originated from the UK. I consider myself easy going can take a joke but also can be very serious. I don't start arguments or stir shit up. I communicate a bit too much in my opinion not like talking about random things but it depends if you like silence or if you do enjoy alot of comms. I've been on Cybergamer for a year now and I'm looking for a well established team were I can learn new things from and a team that won't disband any time soon <3. I enjoy stratting or sitting in theater to watch new spots or going through my mistakes, so I'm kinda G33Ky.Some of you may have seen me in pugs, honest opinion trial me in a scrim. Pugs are fun but it's different from a scrim and no teamwork is really involved. If you need anything don't hesitate to send me a PM or just comment below.

PSN ID: xTheViper-
Which ladder(s)/Games: 5v5 Search & Destroy Black Ops cGo
Gaming Experience: Been on Cybergamer for a year now normally spending my days in Pugs or Scrims. I'm always looking on ways to improve my skill so I'm willing to learn.
Style: Normally I just do whatever I'm told to do, seem to have adapted to both camping and rushing.
Previous Teams: iN, dzR, Avn.
Availability: I'm pretty much on all the time as school starts at 7:25 and ends at 1pm. If I'm not on PS3 I'll be just hanging on Cybergamer and if I'm not on here I cannot be available.
Connection/Host: I can host fairly well in my opinion here is a Speed test result but really you'll have to see for yourself


Setup: I currently have a Plasma Tv 32". I use Turtlebeach Px21's looking to upgrade soon. Also an add on I have a BoomChair Pulse.

Thanks for your time


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7:58pm May 19th 11

9 lives are offering


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8:01pm May 19th 11

Considering all offers <3


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8:10pm May 19th 11

I have 3 cats if you want one.


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8:12pm May 19th 11

BOL Viper has alot of skill for his age and know's his way around alot of maps would diffently fit into any clan

Deserves Top 15 <3


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8:16pm May 19th 11

Great player, really has improved so much, easy top 15, BOL bro, great guy, really easy to get along with, great comms, the perfect pickup tbh <3


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8:23pm May 19th 11

I have 3 cats if you want one.

Quote from vak on the 19th of May 2011
Colors? Also would you mind posting pictures?

Items :)

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8:28pm May 19th 11

Guys please keep on topic

first and final warning


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8:29pm May 19th 11

Top 7


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8:32pm May 19th 11


haha bol bro, good player... has improved a lot


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8:43pm May 19th 11

Cheers for the nice comments guys appreciated

Rohi loves cock 8==D

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9:54pm May 19th 11

were LFM PM me tommorow for trial


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9:50am May 20th 11

lol, chill out itemz, fuark. Take your CG job too seriously.

BOL finding a cat clan anyway.

[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view]I'll PM you pics viper[/SPOILER]


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11:50am May 20th 11

school starts at 7:25 and ends at 1pm.

What the fuck is the world coming to.