The MW2 P2P Report ~ Round 5 ~

The MW2 P2P Report ~ Round 5 ~

The MW2 P2P Report ~ Round 5 ~

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6:56pm Aug 17th 11

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Round four is now in the past, business will be picking up. Round 5 will be a cracker, teams now know what's expected and what their playing for.

Also go and subscribe to the Cybergamer PS3 Channel , they do a great job and subscribing will ensure you keep up to date with all the great highlight vids being produced.

No coverage unfortunately but heads high, there will be more to come.

Will be edited in, once completed.

Chozen Few v envious

Chozen Few looking real contenders at the moment, unbeaten take on envious who took a suprising win over Malice. Will be down to the wire but Chozen Few to win it.
Predicted Score: cF 14 - 10 nvs
Predicted MVP: Big Rig

Beyond v Malice

Malice loosing to envious will have their heads pulled in for this one, Beyond won't be an easy opposition. Beyond to take it out.
Predicted Score: bD 15 - 9 MLC
Predicted MVP: Lilypad

Faded v K9 Nation

Both teams struggling in this competition and both searching for their first victory. Who knows how this could end but Faded to snatch it up.
Predicted Score: FD 18 - 6 K9
Predicted MVP: Kinx

Mindfreak v Silent But Deadly

Mindfreak also unbeaten in this competition, will take on sBd! after getting hammered by Unit sBd! will be hoping to pull their strongest five and win! Mindfreak to continue their winning ways.
Predicted Score: mF 17 - 7 Fx
Predicted MVP: Benjos

uniQue gaming v Effectz

uniQue unstoppable so far, while Effectz are not on their best form, but for this game they will have to be. uniQue to get the victory.
Predicted Score: uN!k 16 - 8 Fx
Predicted MVP: Broeky

The Unit v art of style.

All of aos players now unbanned not sure if they played in the Bullfrogs game but regardless of that they will have put that defeat behind them and focus on the big game at hand. The Unit didn't start to great but now a real force to be reckoned with, Unit to get the win.
Predicted Score: Unit 15 - 9 aos.
Predicted MVP: Macka

This week in the Team spotlight we have..

Coming up against K9 Nation, thoughts?
Good to be back in the swing of things, as we recently just had a bi. This team can be unpredictable which is something to be wary of. We are both looking for our first win also.

Round 5 now, your opinion who is going to take this P2P out?
Chozen Few, they are in great form at the moment. One of 3 teams which is undefeated. Could go anybodies way though, going to come down to who is playing and who has better preparation.

Regrets about coming into this competition?
Unfortunately we are not very active on this game, which is a real shame as I feel we do have potential. When we loose you cannot help feel what if? We do try to come on but generally people just ignore the messages. It has been a fun experience so far.

About Faded
We are a fantastic group of people, we know how to have a laugh and how to knock it up a gear. The team has a lot of talent which will show soon enough, it is great to be in a team like this. I speak for all the boys on this one, we have enjoyed playing and we will continue that. A quote from Rooster "Gaming is a hobby so treat it like one and you'll get the best experience."

Anything you will take away from this experience?
Strat, Strat, Strat! It helps to have good players but it also helps to have good preparation. You feel calmer going into games knowing what you have to do. Even if the team isn't very familiar which each other, show nades give spots ect. P2P's like this bring out the g33k in people, and will continue as money involved.

Who knows what could happen, don't blink or you may miss a bit of the action!



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7:00pm Aug 17th 11

nice write up


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7:01pm Aug 17th 11

Bye this week


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7:23pm Aug 17th 11

did you interview yourself?


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7:27pm Aug 17th 11

Nice Viper, i thought sBd could of done a bit better.


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7:41pm Aug 17th 11

never had a report done on a team im in -.-

ps i liked devours more


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7:43pm Aug 17th 11

did you interview yourself?

Quote from DEADSPAWN v on the 17th of August 2011

Nah, Blake was on Facebook.


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8:10pm Aug 17th 11

good effort, still think Devour's are better.

Chozen Few v Envious will be a good match


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8:13pm Aug 17th 11

Only 1 typo, mf vs fx unik vs fx haha


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10:14pm Aug 17th 11

who ever makes the threads, always does the team spotlight on their friends teams...


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10:18pm Aug 17th 11

ye we had 4 against BFWN and still pulled 7 rounds, 2g


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12:54am Aug 18th 11

nice write up bro, some good games this round


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12:56am Aug 18th 11

Needs more than a single sentence.


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Come on m8.