Dead Island

Dead Island

Thread started by KlNG on Saturday, 6:21pm September 10th with 5 replies. Views: 315


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6:21pm Sep 10th 11


Got Dead Island this morning planning on playing it later on tonight, so just wondered if you have this game what is your thoughts on it? Or if you wanna add any comments about it feel free to post below, just want to see what people think. Basing off watching trailers/game plays looks great, love zombies so should be good



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6:24pm Sep 10th 11

Me and Deadspawn were just playing for a few hours.

Pretty fun!


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9:13pm Sep 10th 11

I played it for a couple of hours but i got bored of it and went back to COD.


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2:23am Sep 11th 11

I might go buy it on steam for pc only $50 :p


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8:58am Sep 11th 11

If you play co-op it's so much better

K Bee

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3:19pm Sep 18th 11