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11:58am Oct 12th 11

GT: MaaGiKz v RepLayz xx ii SiLenTz MaaGiK xx
Games/Gametypes: i can rush if needed to and also sitting back with m16/ak
Experience: 2nhalf years on cg 4 on xbl 1ps3
Previous Teams: oveRated, Hex, Blood stained, affiance, Nswl , iCoN Tactical Damage Crew ,
Availability: everyday
Connection/Host: Good host always host pugs scrims , also Clan Matchs if needed.
Sound: x11s also px5s
Maps: any
Guns: mp5k Ak47 m16
Started cod when cod4 came out.


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12:02pm Oct 12th 11

Good luck Big boi!!

Snap City Bitch

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12:04pm Oct 12th 11

aww really??
good player good mp5k shot good all round player.
especially good on close quarter maps definitely top 10 cgo
Best of luck


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12:06pm Oct 12th 11

Thanks shadow =)


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12:13pm Oct 12th 11

we are lfm


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12:53pm Oct 12th 11

y leaving

Spread yo flaps

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1:53pm Oct 12th 11

Good blops player, needs more exp in mw2 if you looking for a player for mw3, but hes a fast learner, Bol mate


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2:53pm Oct 12th 11

thanks mike