WCG National Finals 09.

WCG National Finals 09.

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This weekend saw the WCG National Finals at Sydney's BIG LAN Centre.

There was controversy leading up to this, with steel being allowed to play for iM after being banned for hacking. This led to Sten placing a $500 "bounty" on iM.

Group play saw iM, v300, SQL and GUTS move through to finals, all with strong performaces. A shock performace was Alias, who placed equal last in the "group of death".

Finals play saw SQL and v300 move into the Grand Final, leaving iM and GUTS to duke it out for 3rd place.

iM took the first map, de_dust2, comfortably 16-6. GUTS fired back in the second, de_nuke and came away with a 16-7 victory. The 3rd and final map was de_inferno and GUTS came out hard and took the map 16-9.

The grand final saw NSWs SQL up against strong VIC team v300. SQL went into this match with a convincing win against iM in the semis, while v300 had to duke it out over 3 maps with fellow VICs GUTS.

SQL took the first map, de_train, 16-10 with solid second half. Then lost the second 16-12 on de_nuke and came out hard in the 2nd half to win the third, de_dust2, 16-13 in a nail biter.

1: SQL.
2: v300
3: GUTS.

EDIT: http://www.dicevip.com/item/6152-SQL-win-WCG-2009

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sql back @ da top


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they going to china then? and whos playing in the SQL 1.6 team?


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SQL lineup is Soren, Apoc, Diggity, Rumil, Pupajon


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iM failing to finish top3...tony is NOT going to be happy.


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for the final scoreboard


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Looked like a GG.


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SQL 3rd map was crazy ap0c hugee player.