Update For MW3?

Update For MW3?

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9:17pm Feb 3rd 12

Anybody have any ideas what this update does?


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9:18pm Feb 3rd 12


"Nerfed the Striker a little bit, buffed the rest of the shotguns." When it comes specifically to the Striker, Bowling mentioned that they "reduced the amount of pellets it used. So, right now, all the shotguns should be 9 pellets and the striker's 6 pellets." They also "slightly reduced spread and damage" of the Striker.


"We also nerfed Akimbos across the boards. So, not just FMG9′s but Akimbos across the board should have a lower fire-rate now."


"A ton of theater improvements and fixes" also made it into the patch. "So, if anybody was having trouble viewing their clips, or getting error 7 or getting the black screen stuff – all of that stuff should be gone." Bowling also added that "YouTube uploads should be 100 times faster than they were when we launched now," or at least "it's nearly 100 times faster, just under 100 times."


Also included were "more tweaks to lag compensation, or host advantage." Now, it "should be better when you're host, if you have a fast connection." Also, "there's general network improvements that we did," as well as some "bug fix stuff." Unfortunately, no specifics were given regarding bug fixes. Bowling also mention that there was some improvements made to the "banning stuff." It also goes without saying that support for the new maps were also included in this patch.

To be added tonight:

Bowling recently announced that maps would be receiving more "weight" tonight, meaning that they would show up more often in the map rotation.

Update 1 (more on bugs):

Bowing recently added these notes to the official Call of Duty forums:

Networking enhancements, Theater improvements and fixes, Further improvements to "Host Disadvantage" / "Lag Comp", Increased speed of YouTube uploads from 32k to 256k, Nerf to all Akimbo weapons (reduced fire rate), Shotgun re-balance (Slight nerf to Striker, slight buff to all other shotguns), Fix that prevents some users from not receiving their prestige token after prestiging, fix stat bug that retains "games played" stat across prestiges.

Update 2 (Hotfix):

Bowling has stated that we should "expect a 50% decrease to the fire rate of all Akimbo weapons in MW3. We're doing a hotfix tonight to properly nerf them."

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9:24pm Feb 3rd 12

Anybody else notice that game chat sounds alot better?


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9:27pm Feb 3rd 12

thought they were gonna do an update for LAN/private match shit. FML


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9:30pm Feb 3rd 12

Anybody else notice that game chat sounds alot better?

Quote from Viper. on the 3rd of February 2012
Actually is


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10:13pm Feb 3rd 12

thought they were gonna do an update for LAN/private match shit. FML

Quote from ~CRUSADER~ on the 3rd of February 2012
There not going to


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10:13pm Feb 3rd 12

Voices better
Shotguns better


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10:16pm Feb 3rd 12

Is theatre still the same?

Can you view others in First Person yet?


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12:11am Feb 4th 12

game chat sounds so different, kinda like bops now but better