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8:28pm Feb 19th 12

Moved from PS3, had a ton of experience over there. Aiming for Draft/Amatuer. Don't mind subbing.

GT: Vipe Are
Activity: Totemo
Experience: 2 years on PS3. Played P2P's + Finals
Sound: Dem A40's

Will take any/all offer's into consideration, willing to trial tonight. Anymore info you may need don't hesistate to PM me.

Loser boy Bradoze

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8:29pm Feb 19th 12

played a pug with this guy such a boss . should make leagues .BOL . you made the right decision to come to xbox


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8:40pm Feb 19th 12

bol man , should go far with that experience


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8:42pm Feb 19th 12

Never played against or with him, but ive heard a lot of positive things about him



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8:54pm Feb 19th 12

cute rusher


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9:56pm Feb 19th 12

cheers ladz .