Team Australia win first ever...

Team Australia win first ever ClanBase gold medal

Team Australia win first ever ClanBase gold medal

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Entering the ClanBase Nations Cup XV late in the singups, iM-Sadact enlisted an all star team of the biggest names in Australian Battlefield 3 to take on the European powerhouses including such nations as Russia, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Looked upon as massive underdogs (DICE community manager zh1nt0 even saying aus would finish second last in the group stage!), Australia has just defeated Finland in the Grand Final of the BF3 nations cup 286-92.

Round 1 of Bazaar, AUS win 151-0
Round 2 of Bazaar, AUS win 92-0
Round 1 of Kharg Island FIN win 92-0
Round 2 of Kharg Island AUS win 43-0
Its a shame no spectator/battlerecorder exists as it was an epic battle with Australia going in as the powerhouse infantry side and Finland going in massive favourites on the vehicle map (worlds best jet pilot, beating australia in group rounds on caspian 259-0). It was always going to be a matter of who dominated the hardest on their map.

An interesting narrative developed out of Australia having no jet pilots at a European level, developing a massive zerg strat on vehicle maps of jet rams, mass bails and various unorthodox tactics. It paid off in the end, and with the aid of RPG/SMAW shots taking down the chopper and jets a few times, Australia even won the final round on Kharg!

A few Australian players recorded the PoV and will be uploading it to youtube ASAP.

The Road to the Finals:

Group Stages

Australia v Belgium 360 - 0
Australia v Russia - 303 - 51
Australia v Finland - 0 - 259
Australia v South Africa - 0 - 36


Round 1 - Australia v Spain - FF win
Quarter Final - Australia v Sweden - 528 - 199
Semi Final - Australia v Poland - 237 - 196
Grand Final - Australia v Finland - 286 - 92

Team Australia

Team Australia Lineup:

Amril - Team Immunity
comzat - Team Immunity
Darkness - Vanguard
deathdoG - Team Immunity
Floormassacre - Team eXile5
GoGoWafflesGo - Team Immunity
ilos - Team Immunity
oxide - Team Immunity
RageMachine - Vanguard
Redding - Team Immunity
SadAct - Team Immunity
TetraChloride - Team Immunity
thraSK - Vanguard
yellow - Team Immunity
3minence - One Blood gaming

ILLISIS - One Blood gaming
BR00 - Oceanic Aces
Meaphet - Vanguard


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Front page this shit right now, fantastic effort and congrats on the Trophy.


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hehe GG!


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Congratulations to Australia for coming out on top in the world finals.


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Congragulations guys, amazing achievement.


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wow, well done

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Great job!


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Congratulations guys


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Fucking awesome to see how strong the Aussies are in the FPS world now! Good shit Team Aus!


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Well done boys