Elevate LFM.

Elevate LFM.

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6:33pm Apr 16th 12

Hey guys, we know recruitment week is a long way away but we wish to scrim / trial until then so we make the right decision and build some good chem. What we are looking for:

~ Activity
~ Shot
~ Smarts
~ Can pay fee!

Skill isn't necessarily a key factor but will help over the other applicants. As you know we are currently competing in CGa, players in our roster have other priorities why we are LFM. We will hopefully start scrimming / trialing very soon. If you are interested chuck us an app in a PM.
Will consider all apps so don't hesitate to ask.


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6:37pm Apr 16th 12

VIPER4CGP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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7:05pm Apr 16th 12

Pick me up.. Oh wait.

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7:07pm Apr 16th 12

Must plant gardens.


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7:20pm Apr 16th 12

I plant gardens

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7:22pm Apr 16th 12

I plant gardens

Quote from delish on the 16th of April 2012
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7:24pm Apr 16th 12



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9:02pm Apr 16th 12

try online2win