Fallen Announcement

Fallen Announcement

Fallen Announcement

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6:42pm May 7th 12


[SPOILER=Sponsors]http://i1185.photobucket.com/albums/z345/Kalen_Kane/untitled.png Website | Facebook http://i1185.photobucket.com/albums/z345/Kalen_Kane/shiftybadgetrans.png Designer [/SPOILER]

Hey guys Fallen has recently started an organisation and have been looking for a strong PS3 team. We have been looking at illicit for a wile now and after there win last night against DeadLink we knew they were going to be top competitors for CGo finals. illicit originated from Black Ops and started playing competitively in MW3. There main goal is to win the CGo finals and play leagues next season.

Also we are now at 118 likes on Facebook! only 32 more to go until we draw a winner!
When we hit 150 Facebook likes, we will draw out a winner and the prize will be: 1500 Microsoft Points!


so head over to our Facebook page and smack that LIKE button! The winner will be announced via Facebook at 150 Likes!!

Fallen are also looking for PS3 and XBOX360 4v4 teams, so if you're interested in joining the org please PM Lepo or Amnest

Thanks, Alex.


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6:44pm May 7th 12

oh yeah alex yeh


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6:52pm May 7th 12

Yeah found out yesterday you picked them up on your facebook , good job hope everything goes well for you both.


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7:11pm May 7th 12

nice pickup.

good work fallen & alex.


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7:12pm May 7th 12

Looking forward to playing for the new org.


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7:28pm May 7th 12

BOL illicit and fallen


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7:37pm May 7th 12



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9:13pm May 7th 12

Fallen and Illicit Good pick up man BoL


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9:17pm May 7th 12


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10:04pm May 10th 12

Thanks, Alex.

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Same Name as me :)
Liked you aswell