[REQ] Signature

[REQ] Signature

[REQ] Signature

Thread started by KlNG on Saturday, 2:38pm May 12th with 2 replies. Views: 348


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2:38pm May 12th 12

Hey guys in need of a forum signature. What I would like is something clean and simple.

Text: Viper
[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view]http://www.acliffhanger.com/gears/CrimsonOmenHiRes.png[/SPOILER]
Non Premium please.

Can also provide examples if you need, this will be free work so hopefully not that much of an ask.

Thanks if anyone can do this xoxo


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3:04pm May 12th 12


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3:41pm May 12th 12


It's pretty bad, but it's clean and simple I spose.