Obscurity Mod Final Update - S...

Obscurity Mod Final Update - Suggestions

Obscurity Mod Final Update - Suggestions

Thread started by mr precision on Thursday, 10:06pm June 14th with 12 replies. Views: 2,916

mr precision

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10:06pm Jun 14th 12

I'm fairly sure alot of people know what this is, if you've played it before and enjoyed it the dev's are taking suggestions for the final release! If you have anything to contribute, feel free to post here or in the link at the bottom of this post

[SPOILER=If you haven't played it before]OBSCURITY
Obscurity allows players to either play as a marine, with the odds pitted against them, or play as an Obscurity, a creature created to hunt down and destroy its prey.

Some features unique to Obscurity include:

Locational Knife Damage
Directional HUD Blood Spatter
Burning Players with Directional Flame
Day/Night Progressive Cycles
Unique Gameplay & Gamemodes
Unique Obscurity Weapons
All New Perks & Perk 4 Category
Enhanced/Balanced Marine Weaponry
Enhanced Sounds of Battle
Obscurity Taunts
Fully Implemented Squad Creation Feature
Fully functional Pyro & Flamethrower in VIP

Falcar and I have been planning a while to finish Obsurity off as we know there is still a lot of interest in the mod based on feedback (we have just been short on time and motivation for a while).
With this in mind, we would love to hear any suggestions/bug fixes/ideas you would like to put forth to possibly be included in the final release of Obscurity.

I will add new suggestions from this forum as coloured additions to the list as they are supplied to us, but please note not every suggestion will make it into the mod (I'm looking at you Freddy)

Current Suggestions/Ideas:

• Player count determined map playlists
• Good visibility of website address within the mod
• Fix currently bugged stance sync (Ghost) and finish off all stance sync abilities
• Add more mutators
• Polish off some of the other gametypes
• Add a new gametype
• Add new stance
• Disable certain perks/weapons
• Update the help menu to cover all abilities & features
• Invisible Rocket Firing Helicopters
• Translate help menu into multiple languages (with a language toggle option in config to change it)
• Dayglow Orange Everywhere
• Health Regen Settings/Mutator

Also, we may release details on the little easter egg we added into the mod WAY BACK, that nobody has seemed to have discovered yet.

Quote from Snakelet



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10:06pm Jun 14th 12

raged so hard at this shit

mr precision

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10:08pm Jun 14th 12

also if you feel like playing it the only server i know of is


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10:13pm Jun 14th 12

It reminds me of a Predator from the series.
The mod's pretty fun, used to play it lots back in the day.


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10:16pm Jun 14th 12

nope, nope, nope and nope

that mod fucks with your config way too much to be bothered playing it....

mr precision

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10:17pm Jun 14th 12

read only/ back it up

Patrick Swayze

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10:25pm Jun 14th 12

I'm to much of a potato to comprehend how this mod works Seems like some sort of Marines vs predators mod.


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10:26pm Jun 14th 12

so fun to play with your mates screwing around


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10:27pm Jun 14th 12

unless they make it like it was originally it will remain shit


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10:54pm Jun 14th 12



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11:13pm Jun 14th 12

I used to love it, havent played it in years :o


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11:37pm Jun 14th 12

Preferred the simpler version of the game.

Needs stuff edited/removed. Not added.


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12:27am Jun 15th 12

Simpler version of the game is easily possible with the recent (and I mean recent in development terms.. actually ages ago) addition of "mutators" (think unreal tournament). Admins can enable "Classic Rifle" and "No Stances" if they want their server to obs it up oldschool.