Naruto Finals Update

Naruto Finals Update

Naruto Finals Update

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10:42pm Jul 9th 12

Naruto Ladder

Well the first season of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations has come to an end and it's now time for the finals period to commence! Thank you to all who competed this season, hopefully next season we'll see you all again :D

Ladder Lock: 9th July (Top 8)
Round 1 Finals: 11th – 18th July
Semi-Finals: 18th – 25th July
Preliminary Finals: 25th July – 1st August
Grand Final: 1st – 8th August

The finals will consist of the top 8 teams on the ladder and they will battle it out best of 5 games per round until the grand final which will be best of 7.

Also for the winner of the grand final, they will receive a PS3 Xtendplay courtesy of the owner of Xtendplay Dave Sparling.

There has also been an update on the current rule set, which will come into affect at the commencement of S2.

Banned Characters:
- Danzo
- Tsuchikage
- Kiba (older)
- Temari (older)
- Naruto: Nine Tailed Rasengan
- Naruto: Rasen shuriken
- Naruto: Sage Mode
- Killer Bee
- Deidara
- Masked Man

Support Character Limits:
Also to stop people from choosing the exact same characters for their support each time, we will be changing it to that you may not be able to use the same support characters more than two times a game.

For now no support characters will be banned.

For any other questions regarding finals please create a Support Ticket.

Good luck to all competitors for the forthcoming finals period.

Naruto Admin Team
Amiite | Crxssfade


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10:49pm Jul 9th 12

Conflate recording . WOOP <3


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10:51pm Jul 9th 12

Nice work Josh! Good write up :)

BOL to everyone :)!

Wacko jacko

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10:58pm Jul 9th 12

Yea nice amiite


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11:12pm Jul 9th 12

Good effort schmidt the naruto admin


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11:18pm Jul 9th 12

Yea amitte good work naruto team


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1:35am Jul 10th 12

good hustle amiite looking good tbh, is greg playing?