Recruting/LFT template(Read th...

Recruting/LFT template(Read this before posting)

Recruting/LFT template(Read this before posting)

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10:18am Aug 26th 12

Since 90% of the LFT and Recruiting threads are horrid and have no info what so ever I am reposting this from the CSS recruiting section.

All credit goes to Ponco for writing this up

Lately there has been a lot of poorly written threads with a total lack of information - here is a template that you may wish to use.

If not, there are some basic guidelines you may wish to adhere to:

  • Correct spelling (recruiting not requiting. looking not locking - check your spelling!)
  • Contact information (if you're not contactable, you can't communicate...)
  • Aims (what you want/looking for...)

Looking For Team/Seeking

Alias Current and previous.

Age Perhaps include your birthday as well. Don't lie...

Location Important if you're considering a LAN team and time differences.

Previous Experience Put any competitions you participated in and/or LAN events etc

Aims Set realistic goals.

Weaknesses Be honest - perhaps say areas in which you could improve (e.g. banter). No one likes an egotistical tool - admitting you may weaknesses is a bit strength.

Strengths Be honest - only state game related strengths - don't mention what you can bench press etc.

Previous Teams
Name and Lineup

Quote from Ponco on the 1st of March 2010


Brisbane - happy to LAN elysium etc.

+ 3 Years experience
+ Main standard aim
+ Deep understanding of technical side of game
+ Can call on the fly (not amazingly)
+ AWP / RIfle
+ etc

- Off days
- etc

Checkpoint ~ Ponco, kip, cao, freakshow, clayman
EmerSe ~ Ponco, kalibrah, nan0, wiizbom, enervate
Turmoil (or something) ~ Ponco, shaun, mozzy, m!x, ??
Decibel - Ponco, Mayo, crazyjesse1, synj1n, wiizbom, irl

Looking for CGm


Looking For Members

Team Name Put your team name...

Team History Include how long the team has been going, casualness/seriousness, brief bio.

Team Status Are you currently in/planning to go CEVO-A/M/I/P? CGO/A/M/I?



Use the [ B] [ / B] (without spaces) tags for formatting.

You won't be chastised for putting effort into your thread, take a little time and think about what you have to say (proof read).

If you do not wish to have your details posted, then simply ask to be PM'd or request posts.
Please refrain from creating more than 1 thread. The more teams you've made does not count as experience, just means you're a random who jumps between teams.


Good Luck, Have Fun


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2:29pm Aug 26th 12

Thanks for posting this, might want to add a field for steam ID as I just copy pasted it and forgot to add it myself ahaha.

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Thanks for that,