Black Ops II: Stolen or Modded?

Black Ops II: Stolen or Modded?

Black Ops II: Stolen or Modded?

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7:42pm Sep 9th 12

iHC James is 2G.

It seems that a youtuber has stolen a testing build of Black Ops 2 off the xbox live servers. According to sources the build codenamed Phoenix was stolen using unauthorized access to the xbox live content system via marketplace manipulation.

There have been some recent tweaks to the content system due to programs allowing anyone to map and view hidden content on both the xbox live and pnet(developer) networks. We are being told that a listing of black ops 2 with hidden content being shown will reveal "Phoenix", this is the probable source of the leak being shown as hacked in the video below that has been archived by us for use in this article.

Source + Vid:

Thought it was quite amusing and decided to share.

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7:59pm Sep 9th 12

He was the one who revealed Terminal 2 months before it came out or something like that. He also completely modified MW3 on Xbox and PC (to the point of God Mode and unlimited ammo, shooting noobtubes and XM25's as fast as an M4). He had to take these videos down however due to obvious reasons.

He is quite honestly the best CoD modder out atm. His channel: iHcJames


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10:12pm Sep 9th 12

Good for him.
They're dumbarses for not having tighter security tbh.


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