Qlimax Crew enters League of L...

Qlimax Crew enters League of Legends

Qlimax Crew enters League of Legends

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7:27pm Jan 22nd 13

After a long process of searching for the best individuals, we would like to announce our official League of Legends team for Qlimax Crew. These individuals have been a part of the Australian League of Legends scene for the longest amount of time referring them as Veteran Players within the Community. With their experience, we believe this line-up will perform up to the best expectations. We wish them best of luck in the near future for upcoming tournaments.

Official line-up for League of Legends Division of Qlimax Crew

Matthew "LittleUberGiant" Uebergang

David "UberGiantsBro" Uebergang

James "Zeno Aziz" Goddard

Brandon "Bma" Ma

Justin "JKSmithy" Smith

Here are some few words from the Team Captain, LittleUberGiant.

What is your experience in League of Legends?
I've been playing League for almost 2 years now (around the release of Maokai) and 1 year in the competitive scene. My first competitive team was actually Qlimax Crew's last LoL team. Unfortunately the team disbanded shortly after I joined in early 2011 and I then went on to create my own team with my two brothers UberGiant and UberGiantsBro. Over the past 9 months we've competed in a variety of online tournaments and also competed at the EB Expo LoL tournament last year. In recent weeks we have farewelled our bot lane UberGiant and Tempest36 as they pursue other life ambitions and welcomed Bma and Zeno Aziz to the team.

How do you expect the team to perform?
With the addition of two veterans (Zeno Aziz and Bma) of the Australian LoL scene we look to grow stronger and continue to place well in tournaments and represent Qlimax.

What are your expectations for e-sports in Australia for 2013?
There is no doubt that Australian E-sports will continue to grow in 2013. With PAX coming to Australia for the first time is a huge step for Australian E-sports and hopefully Australia can continue to host massive events like this in the future. Also looking forward to seeing how the EPS (ESL Pro Series) impacts the Australian scene and more particularly the League. All looking forward to competing under Qlimax crew this year.

Are there any shout outs that you would like to give?
Firstly I would like to thank Qlimax for giving us this opportunity to represent the organisation in the League of Legends scene and shout out to my team! Also you can follow myself on twitter @LittleUberGiant to keep up to date with our team's progress.

Source: http://www.qlimax-crew.com/qlimax-crew-league-of-legends/


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7:32pm Jan 22nd 13

Very strong team, already giving the top teams a run for their money.

good luck guys, excited to see you guys play more


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9:17pm Jan 22nd 13

Very strong team, already giving the top teams a run for their money.

good luck guys, excited to see you guys play more

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Thanks Ice-Scream


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9:20pm Jan 22nd 13

welcome friends


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9:27pm Jan 22nd 13

Don't trust this guy

x5 Quantic

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5:44pm Jan 24th 13

Glad you guys got picked up.

Welcome to the scene and BoL



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5:57pm Jan 24th 13

Welcome lads, BoL.


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6:00pm Jan 24th 13

i like coena


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8:10pm Jan 24th 13

Great team lineup, expect big things from these lads in 2013!


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9:38pm Jan 24th 13

i like coena

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I'm sure he likes you too.