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Tt eSPORTS LoL Internet Café competition 2013

Tt eSPORTS LoL Internet Café competition 2013

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3:19pm Mar 28th 13 and edited 2:48pm Apr 3rd 13

Greetings summoners,

Due to our Heroes of Newerth competition being such a hit in 2011, spanning multiple cafe's all across Australia. We are looking to re-kindle this in 2013 with League of Legends!

How will this work?
- Teams sign up on our forums in their appropriate state/store section
- Teams who are selected to play will then sign up their team in the 'competitions' section on TTHUB
- On the competition day, teams will pay $20 per player before receiving a computer to play on
- Teams will play at their individual internet café against other local teams to qualify
- The #1 team from each store will return on Sunday

What is the format?
- Double Elimination qualifiers (team limit set by the store)
- Double Elimination finals (seeded by Yons)

Prize breakdown
- Qualifiers: $125/$75/$50
- Finals: $1,250/$750/$500
- There will be randomly drawn Tt eSPORTS peripheral prizes at each café

- Do all of my team players have to be at the same café for both days? YES
- What is the team limit for each store? This will be on the TTHUB forums in the specific thread for each café
- Where do I sign up? On forums. You will find an appropriate forum section to put your team in
- If the store is over the limit, who will play? We will selectively choose teams appropriately to their competitive rating. If a team is known to be highly ranked and competitive, they will get first dibs on a spot.
- What is the entry fee and how do I pay? The entry fee is $20 per player and is paid on the day to the café
- Are the qualifiers and finals one after the after? Yes. Qualifiers are on Saturday April 20 and finals on Sunday April 21
- Is spectating free? Yes, both days.

Store locations

VIC: Mid City: Level 1, 276 Russell Street, Melbourne CBD
NSW: In Time Café: level 2, 2 Cunningham st, Sydney
ACT: The Barracks: 112-116 Alinga St, Canberra
QLD: Elysium: 279 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley
SA: Arena: 264 Rundle St, Adelaide
WA: Mid City: Level1, 114 Murray Street, Perth
TAS: GUF Games: 136 York St, Launceston
NZ: Mid City: Level 1, 62 Victoria Street West, Auckland CBD

Watch out for the stream on


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In the mean time, show your support on Facebook!

Sign-up here!


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3:21pm Mar 28th 13

Looks good! I hope I can pop down to the Sydney Cafe's to check everything out.

BoL, and hope it all runs smooth.


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3:28pm Mar 28th 13

Victim #2013


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3:29pm Mar 28th 13

Awesome stuff Chris.


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3:46pm Mar 28th 13

Looks great and is a great idea. WIll probably pop into the bris cafe to try and wreck some games


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4:09pm Mar 28th 13

Chris, Is there a Facebook event for this?


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4:11pm Mar 28th 13

YAY, will be at InTime Sydney with the gang! Great job Chris :)

( DAMN before and after work anyways)


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4:22pm Mar 28th 13

Chris, Is there a Facebook event for this? :)

Quote from zShy on the 28th of March 2013

Nosir, not yet


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4:25pm Mar 28th 13

keen for the syd one


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7:43pm Mar 28th 13

Looks awesome. Such a widespread set of locations. If I'm in Brisbane at some point I will be sure to check it out.


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9:13pm Mar 28th 13

#1 team from each store returning does this mean the finals will be store vs store online? Or will all #1 teams go to one store?


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9:19pm Mar 28th 13

#1 team from each store returning does this mean the finals will be store vs store online? Or will all #1 teams go to one store?

Quote from Jamesrulez1 on the 28th of March 2013

i doubt they'll get everyone to travel to one spot, would be too costly for players, most likely online after first phase of the competition is played.

definitely excited and keen about this. that prize money looks too juicy to be ignored, sign up guys!

Uzeme - Magic

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11:09pm Mar 28th 13

This is quite bad for Perth players because its on the same day as Red Flag lan and most teams have already bought their tickets(i'll say every team because tickets are sold out) and tickets cost $40 per person.

So the turn out from Perth for this competition will be very poor.


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8:55am Mar 29th 13 and edited 10:37am Mar 29th 13

Looking for team from ACT, I can't play LoL at home so it's pretty fucked. Pretty much looking to yolo it up with my "let me grab dat butt" blitzcrank shirt. Also I make vidyos on tha internet*nts (replace the * with a u)

Got any questions or shit, email me on [email protected]