Element LFM 4s

Element LFM 4s

Element LFM 4s

Thread started by KlNG on Friday, 7:47pm April 12th with 4 replies. Views: 369


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7:47pm Apr 12th 13

eM ~ Comet ~ Taggzy ~ End

Element are currently looking for one more member to complete our line up. We are looking for somebody who can hold their own, and grow well with the team. If you do not fit that criteria please do not bother applying.

- Active
- Comms
- Fair knowledge of spawns ect
- Can pay their fee ( ODCs )
- Nice guy

We will be trialing tonight if anyone is keen. PM me and we can go from there, if you do not receive a response sadly we are not interested. Cheers.


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7:53pm Apr 12th 13

bonqarz is poo


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7:53pm Apr 12th 13

Great team, all good bunch of blokes.

all the best officer


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9:42pm Apr 12th 13

comet will carry but bonqarz will neg heavy


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4:51pm Apr 14th 13

shit team