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PS Anti-Cheat Policy

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Hello friends,

CyberGamer has strict rules for players who wish to compete on our system in order to allow for a fair, honest playing field. We have had a PS Anti-Cheat team in place for a while now whose job it is to track down cheaters and the like. However, it may be unfamiliar to some of you the guidelines and banning procedure being followed.

Please make sure you read and understand all of the following information. The PS section of CyberGamer (in tandem with PC and XBOX platforms of the site) follow this anti-cheat policy. There may also be specific game regulations that may come into play, refer to the specific game ruleset pages for more information regarding this.

Please note we have made a few adjustments to the policy in order to sync with PS equipment and its competitive play.

This AC policy came into effect 01/05/2013. The original document can be found at the footer of the site.

CyberGamer has recently combined and restructured both the Anti-Cheat Policy and site-wide banning system. All CyberGamer Network bans and penalties; casual, competitive, match and general bans will now fall under this system (Check with your Specific Game Ruleset for any localised anti cheat amendments). The purpose of this system is to provide guidelines for infringements which require a match ban as a part of their penalty. If an incident falls outside the definitions of this structured approach - CG Network Administrators will adjust and add to the policy, dating the changes in the change log as necessary. Any additions will be dated in the notes at the end; to signify when that offence became bannable (i.e. no back-dating).

[font=verdana]The Structured Approach[/font]
The Structured Approach was developed to aid in making clear, specific and consistent rulings network-wide at CyberGamer. Since 2007, CyberGamer has been running competitions both online and offline - with the helps of hundreds of admins, staff and helpers. Due to the sheer number of assisting members; consistency within the branches of games and platforms was difficult to maintain. The Structured Approach clearly defines what penalties exist, which section they fall under - and the minimum severity for that offence.

[font=verdana]Forum Bans Explained[/font]
Forum bans not only wont allow you to post in the forums but will also make you unable to use the tournament system as well as wager matches. If you feel you have been wrongfully banned, create a support ticket

[font=verdana]Reporting Inappropriate Behaviour[/font]
The AC team is here to make your competitive experience and time on CyberGamer as enjoyable and fair as possible. If you know of a user or users breaking any of the following infringements, please come forward. You can do this by creating a support ticket through the CyberGamer Support System. Staff will diligently attend to your claims and proceed as necessary. Be sure to check your ticket every few hours/days for any feedback from staff. Please respond to their requests so the matter can be resolved as soon as possible and to avoid delays. You will remain anonymous during the process if you wish and the information sent to staff will be kept confidential.

Categories determine the severity of the penalty. Penalties can apply to (but are not limited to) the forums, league or open matches, and/or specific tournaments. All match bans affect all games on all platforms unless otherwise stated. In the event that a penalty is not to be imposed globally, this will be stated in the administrator notes on a players CyberGamer profile page.

We have developed a system of seven categorised severities of infringement, with set penalties listed for both open ladders and league ladders.

The category designation for an offence increases by one each time a member infringes within a particular category.
[INDENT]Category 2 x2 offences = Category 3
Category 2 x3 offences = Category 4[/INDENT]
Please note that if a League Ladder administrator feels that a League Ladder penalty is not appropriate due to the timing or nature of an infringement, that administrator may at their discretion, apply the Open Ladder penalty instead.

League Ladder penalties are generally applied by stating the number of matches a player is banned for, whilst Open Ladder penalties are generally applied as timed bans.

[font=verdana]Category 1[/font]
1st offence: Formal Warning in all Ladders.

Infringement: Glitching in a CyberGamer match
All forms of knowingly using glitches to a members advantage in a CyberGamer match will result in their team forfeiting the round in which the glitch was used. A member found to be continually using glitches in a CyberGamer match, or in multiple CyberGamer matches will be eligible for a global match ban. Repeat offences will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Glitching includes (but is not limited to) getting to locations on a map that are not intended to be used for play, standing on nothing or using a location that can unintentionally be seen out of or through, but in only one direction.

Please note, all instances of glitching will result in the round in which the infringement occured being forfeited, as well as to any other penalties imposed.

[font=verdana]Category 2[/font]
1st offence: One Match Ban (League Ladder) / One Week Match Ban (Open Ladder) / One Week Forum Ban

Infringement: Abuse of Staff or Players
Members should treat other players and administrators in a reasonable and courteous fashion at all times. This infringement includes but is not limited to, minor offences of speaking or posting in an insulting, abusive or threatening manner. Use of foul language also falls into this category. The public broadcast of a players personal and private information against their consent will also be deemed as abuse on the lowest of infringements, further detail into personal information being released is covered in Category 3. This infringement applies across the CyberGamer website and in CybgerGamer sanctioned matches and includes but is not limited to the CyberGamer forums, and pre-game challenge match chat. Any misconduct related to this category that is not within the realms of the CyberGamer network is not covered under this infringement.

Infringement: Entering wrong scores
We aim to make your Cybergamer experience the best it can be. Entering the wrong scores not only frustrates people but it wastes admin time. This is for Tournaments, CGo, Leagues and any other CG run competition.

[font=verdana]Category 3[/font]
1st offence: One Season Match Ban (League Ladder) / Three Month Match Ban (Open Ladder) / One Month Forum Ban

Infringement: Smurfing
This involves having multiple CyberGamer accounts in order to be in multiple teams at once. If a player is found to be smurfing again during their ban period, they will be in breach of the 'ban evasion' rule. Smurfing yet again during this time will guarantee a player a permanent ban.

Please note, assisting/colluding with others user(s) by way of smurfing, harbouring or merely helping a user to evade existing bans placed by the AC panel (be it forum or match ban related) will also land you in deep water. Don't bother because you won't be doing yourself any favours.

Infringement: Public Broadcast of Personal Information
This infringement covers any user that publicly broadcasts another user's personal information without written consent from the user in question. This includes but is not limited to; links to social media profiles, images, identifying information (such as phone numbers and addresses - of work, home or eduction facilities). Publicly broadcasting this information is defined as posting it to a location that anyone that the user in question may not want to have access to within the realms of CyberGamer. The PS Administration Team can interpret this as required and in serious offences can take action on information supplied outside of CyberGamer or it's affiliations. A minimum 6 month forum ban will accompany this infringement in all circumstances.

Infringement: Match Fixing
Purposely losing or winning a match so as to alter the results of a competition. This can be done singularly by a team or in coercion with another. Agreeing to entering scores that did not occur is just as bad and is deemed as cheating. Team captains will be held especially responsible in this instance. But all team members will be taken into account.

[font=verdana]Category 4[/font]
1st offence: Six Month Match Ban in All Ladders / Three Month Forum Ban

Infringement: Harbouring
Members of teams and organisations found to be knowingly (beyond reasonable doubt) harbouring players who are in breach of the Anti-Cheat policy (including but not limited to; hackers, 'smurfers' or general ban evaders). This is an equally shared responsibility between all members of the team.

Infringement: Cheating in a Private Lobby
Cheating in a Private Lobby affiliated with CyberGamer is prohibited and this infringement includes, but is not limited to, the use of software/equipment to manipulate another user's connection, 'map hacks', 'wall hacks' or any other form of hacking/glitching content that presents a user with an unfair advantage over the opponent in any game that has a current competitive ladder (including when in-between seasons) on CyberGamer PS.

Plainly, any player or team found to be purposely manipulating the connection of another user(s) in order to order an advantage.

This category can be breached in any affiliated CyberGamer match (includes official matches and PUGs).

Infringement: Cheating in a Public Lobby
Cheating in a Public Lobby not associated or affiliated with CyberGamer (Example: Black Ops 2 League Play and Team Scrims) is prohibited and this infringement includes, but is not limited to, the use of software/equipment to manipulate another user's connection, 'map hacks', 'wall hacks' or any other form of hacking/glitching content that presents a user with an unfair advantage over the opponent in any game that has a current competitive ladder (including when in-between seasons) on CyberGamer PS.

Please note that a player who has been banned for Infringement: Cheating in a Private/Public Lobby for a game in which they have never competed may apply to the AC team which banned them after fifty percent of their cheating ban has been served. If that player has had no further infringements since the implementation of their ban, and that player has never had a Category 4 or higher ban before, that AC team should strongly consider removing the remainder of that players cheating ban.

Infringement: Purposely Manipulating Connection (AKA DDOS)
If a player or team is found to be purposely manipulating the connection of the opposing team so as to gain an advantage in an official CG PS match, ODC or Pug then they will be in breach of Category 4 and receive the relevant match ban. This also includes but is not limited to a user asking another player to assist in the DDOS'ing.
Whilst all members of teams and organisations are liable under this rule, team captains are especially responsible for ensuring that they have no cheaters on their team.
Users may also be subject to Criminal Code Act 1995 Part 10.7-Computer offences

Infringement: Use of Modded Controllers
Using a modded controller is prohibited and this infringement includes, but is not limited to, the use of a turbo controller and/or a Keyboard & Mouse adapter (such as a XIM). If it is not allowed in competitive LAN situations it is banned on CG. Due to the ambiguous nature of what is and isn't a modded controller ensure you check before using anything. This infringement applies to private (CyberGamer) matches and Private PUG games and Scrims.
Controllers that have been approved for LAN settings include the Standard PS Controllers, Scuf Controllers, Cinch controllers and MLG Pro Circut Controllers

[font=verdana]Category 5[/font]
1st offence: Twelve Month Match and Forum Ban in All Ladders.

Infringement: Multi-Accounting
This involves attempting to alias as another player in order to play during their CyberGamer match. Players found to be in breach of this (proven beyond reasonable doubt) will be given an instant Category 5 ban WITHOUT CHANCE OF REMOVAL. Any repeat offender will be subjected to a Category 6 'Reoffending' ban. Attempting to evade this ban will also be met with a Category 6 ban.

Infringement: Cheating in a CyberGamer supported match.
Cheating in a CyberGamer game is prohibited and a Category 4 ban will be given to a player who cheats in any CyberGamer ladder or league match, or any lobby associated with CyberGamer including PUGs. This is a 2nd offence for user(s) who were previously punished with a Category 4 ban but continued to have zero regard for the rules and regulations.

Infringement: Ban Evasion
Attempting to avoid a ban by any means will be classed as ban evasion. Creating a new account, using an account created by someone else or using a secondary account whilst serving a forum or match ban is considered ban evasion. Evading on the first offence will result in a Category 5 ban, or the original length of the ban that is evaded being doubled, whichever is greater. Evading a ban a second time, whether for the original ban, or for a completely different ban at any other time, will result in a permanent match ban being issued.

Please note that evading a Category 4 ban places you at risk of being banned permanently on the first instance of evasion.

[font=verdana]Category 6[/font]
Permanent Match and Forum Ban in All Instances.

Infringement: Reoffending
Category 6 is for repeat offenders who refuse to obey the rules.

Infringement: Glitching Tournament System
Players that deliberately glitch the system to unlawfully obtain CG Credits. In extreme circumstances the appropriate authorities will be contacted.

All Category 6 bans MUST be approved by a PS Platform Admin.

Each time a player infringes and receives a penalty it will be noted on their profile by the Administrator applying the ban. This will assist future investigation into the matter and allow for all Administrators to easily understand why, for what and for how long the player has been banned.

Each time a match ban is applied, the Administrator applying the ban is required to list the following in the Administrator Notes section of the infringing players profile:
  • The reason for the ban.
  • The Category of the infringement, and the number of times the player has re-offended in that Category
  • A URL link to any relevant information (often an Admin thread on the topic)
  • The penalty applied.

[font=verdana]Ban Appeals[/font]
CyberGamer has strict rules for players who wish to compete on our system, all penalties are enforced based on the rules outlined below and any members who are banned and want to appeal must appeal through the AC panel that banned them, in this case a PS Admin. Anti-cheat members are your 1st port of call. Other game admins will be available for assistance also, if there is a need. If you feel the ban was not correctly applied based on the criteria below you must submit a support ticket via:

Ban appeals via support ticket will be closed immediately if they dont meet the following criteria. Banned users who repeatedly reopen the ticket after they have been closed by a staff member will have their ban extended. Do NOT reopen a closed ticket that is the management team telling you that your appeal must go through the AC panel that placed your ban.

Ban appeals via support ticket will be closed immediately if they dont meet the following guidelines. Banned players who repeatedly reopen tickets if closed by staff will have their ban extended.
  • 50% of ban served
  • You must explain the entire situation.
  • Reasoning for which you believe you should be unbanned.
  • Provide supporting evidence in back up your claims. We're more likely to take you seriously.
The definition of the term cheating does come with unique properties based on the game you are competing in and these are more specifically defined in the rules for each game which can be found at the top of the ladder/league rankings page under a button labelled rules.

[font=verdana]Additional Information[/font]
Whilst this policy is a concise and complete set of guidelines, there may be instances where an infringement may not fall under these exact policies. If this is to occur, the staff member investigating the infringement will use the above policies as a guideline and a verdict will be handed out based upon their best judgement. Staff may not always reveal the evidence submitted against a CyberGamer member who is in breach of the above policies, and are not obliged to do so. If however a CyberGamer member feels that just cause has not be been provided, that member may appeal the ban through the CyberGamer Support System. When appealing a penalty, it is advised that members take into consideration that the administrator who handles the appeal will have complete access to the infringing member's history. If it is clearly evident that a CyberGamer member has infringed upon one of the policies outlined above, then in the interest of both time management and common sense, it is advised that the infringing member simply serves out their time. Members found to be lying or providing misleading information relating to their ban open themselves up to further punishments under the ban evasion rule.

Cheating in non affiliated CyberGamer realms does not make you immune to penalties on the CyberGamer system. If we receive sufficient evidence from a partner or affiliated league and after our own review confirm the player was cheating. the player in question will also be subject to face penalties on the CyberGamer system as well.

CyberGamer matchbans apply across all games and platforms so heed the warning that you cannot simply change games if caught cheating, you are banned from the system altogether for the period assigned and if you are found to be playing another game the ban evasion rule will come into effect.

Whilst the policies and penalties stated above refer to individual instances of infringements, it is important to note that should a CyberGamer administrator believe that a team or member has gained an unfair advantage in a ladder, league or competition due to unfair, unsportsmanlike or cheating behaviour or actions, that administrator may at their discretion, impose further penalties on that team or member which can include, but are not limited to; the overturning of matches; the deduction of ladder or league points; the relegation of that team or member in a ladder; the removal of that team or member from a ladder, league or competition; or the removal of individual players from their team.

Any and all of the above penalties are at the administrators' discretion. Ban length may be varied depending on the severity of the situation, or the number of repeat offences by the CyberGamer member in question.

Please note this anti-cheat policy may differ from ladder to ladder, refer to the relevant ladder(s) for specific rulesets requirements and/or speak to the ladder administrator of the game in question via support ticket to get further information or clarification.

We, CyberGamer, reserve the right to update/change/modify/remove/add any part of this policy at any time, with or without notice and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this policy each time you view and use CyberGamer and its associated game ladders. Remember, by using this website, you automatically agree to the Anti Cheat policies as stated above.

Thank you.
PS Administration.

Updated: 30th September 2015- Added: Glitching tournament system to illegally obtain CG Credits is a permanent match and forum ban.


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