How Long has Everyone Been Pla...

How Long has Everyone Been Playing?

How Long has Everyone Been Playing?

Thread started by Dearess on Tuesday, 3:37am July 2nd with 2 replies. Views: 1,139


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3:37am Jul 2nd 13

Hello there :D
I was wondering how long most of the people in this community have been playing Starcraft II for. I myself have only been playing for around 4 hours a day this past week and overall only around a month off and on for like half an hour every 2 days. I am trying to get better and such but I just want to see the experience I am up against


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9:39am Jul 2nd 13

2003ish for starcraft in general, since sc2 release for sc2


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11:57am Jul 2nd 13

Broodwar ftw