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AusNS2 | MF's Draft Tournament - Starting Sunday the 14th

More details here...
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Since a successful end to the first season of the CyberGamer Natural Selection 2 ladder, Unknown Worlds has been doing a lot to improve the performance and balance of the game.

B249 incorporated LuaJIT, resulting in a massive performance increase for people with lower powered machines.
B250 has completely integrated Sewleks Balance Mod. A popular overhaul of the game by the now head of NS2 gameplay development Sewlek. The merge has incorporated sweeping changes for a more varied and strategic experience.
Then later this year a massive content patch will hit including a female marine model, hand grenades, tutorial improvements and a new map.

Oh, that's around the time the European Open Finals will be happening where players will be facing off at Insomia49 for a community generated prize pool of at least $3000. Some pretty cool stuff is happening with this game.

So .. to kick start things off again., in cooperation with community member mf- will be running a Draft Tournament to be run over the course of two Sundays.

Anyone is free to sign up for the tournament. Anyone interested in playing organised 6v6 in Natural Selection 2 should join up!

If you have no idea what Natural Selection 2 is or what a match on it looks like. Here is round 1 of the Balance Mod Cup Final.


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Drafts are about to begin. Anyone interested in NS2 should join the AusNS2 mumble server so they can get put on a team for the event.

Port: 6034