Plantronics Nv welcomes League...

Plantronics Nv welcomes League of Legends!

Plantronics Nv welcomes League of Legends!

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Sunday, 1st of September, 2013

Team Nv, an Oceanic eSports team based in Australia, is proud to announce the acquisition of its new League of Legends team. Team Nv hope to further the globalisation of Australian eSports, already boasting notable such as mOOnGLaDe and Rossi within its Starcraft: HotS division and a Call of Duty team, Nv look to actively compete and showcase its talents in both the domestic and international scenes.

With the recent PAX Oceania Tournament as well as increased Riot participation as evidence for the ever increasing presence League of Legends has within Australian eSports, Nv and its sponsors are proud to work closely and support its players, boasting an array of seasoned veterans and emerging talent.

Please join me in welcoming Team Nv's League of Legends to their new home:

Name: Richard 'Rain' Su (Captain)
Location: Melbourne, Vic

Name: Aleks 'Castiel' Manevski
Location: Adelaide, SA

Name: Cameron 'Cpt Wobbles' Jones
Location: Auckland, NZ

Name: Emre 'Snow' Alpay
Location: Melbourne, Vic

Name: Sam 'paws' Pourzinal
Location: Brisbane, QLD

Name: Frank 'Sangy' Li (Team Manager)
Location: Sydney, NSW

Please follow the Team Nv LoL division through Facebook and Twitter.

It is a great honour and pleasure to be able to represent and be a part of an organisation like Nv. We are excited for the opportunity to represent the team and our sponsors in the Australian scene. Thank you to Dox (owner) for showing his continued support and dedication to the Australian eSports scene. We hope to play and compete well for us and those who cheer us on. Thank you to Team Nv and our sponsors for making this possible.

Quote from "Nv Rain - Team Captain"

When people asked me what my objective was with Team Nv back in February 2012, I would tell them that I was looking to promote and reward the talented StarCraft players of Australia. Here we are now, over 18 months later, and we've become so much more. Both myself and Plantronics recognise & respect that League of Legends has clearly become a dominant title in Australian eSports - and it's here to stay.

With that said, I'm pleased to announce that we've adopted the team formerly known as "Wobbly Bears." This won't come as a surprise to many people, as Frank and I were seen enthusiastically discussing the possibility at ACL Melbourne a few weeks ago.

With Frank managing the team, I know the team is in good hands, and I see a very bright future for Nv & League of Legends.

Quote from "Dox - Team Owner"

You can also learn more about Nv's Starcraft and CoD divisions through their respective Facebook pages.

Thank you to the sponsors Plantronics Gaming (Facebook), Horize Australia and Fraglabs.


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10:52pm Sep 1st 13

Welcome fellas!


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10:53pm Sep 1st 13

Great to see wobbly bears getting picked up! nice to see more orgs joining the LoL scene, gl with the rest of the season guys!


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11:03pm Sep 1st 13

Looking forward to seeing some great matches guys


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11:18pm Sep 1st 13

Congratulations Wobbly bears! And welcome Nv to the League of Legends scene! Keep up the great work both of you.


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11:21pm Sep 1st 13

Excited to see how they go in future tournaments! Such a young team with huge potential, can easily see these guys at the top after some experience and practice!

Goodluck to Frank and the team!


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1:03pm Sep 2nd 13

Thanks for all your kind words of support everyone!


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4:39pm Sep 2nd 13

I was told NV stood for Nivea for women by wobbles.


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9:12pm Sep 2nd 13

That is 100% fact.


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9:54pm Sep 2nd 13

Great pickup Excited to watch & hopefully cast this very strong group of players!