Star craft 2 help

Star craft 2 help

Star craft 2 help

Thread started by Yeh Buggy on Sunday, 12:03am September 15th with 8 replies. Views: 1,475

Yeh Buggy

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12:03am Sep 15th 13

hey guys i am starting pc starcraft and i need to know some good builds and stuff so if enyone can help me just coment and i am willing to listen/learn so please help guys


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12:37am Sep 15th 13

cannon rush

Yeh Buggy

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12:43am Sep 15th 13

What's that


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1:08am Sep 15th 13

Probably the best way to learn starcraft is to first learn what each unit does, so just play like 4-5 games of each race.

Then download replays from professional players. This teaches you a LOT, it will separate you from the bronze and silvers, not immediately, but very quickly.
What you want to do is pick a race you like, then find replays of higher end players (Masters league and higher) and try to mimic them.
Generally you do this by looking at your unit supplies and seeing when someone builds stuff;
at 9/10 supply; make supply depo.
at 11 supply; make barracks
at 13 supply make gas.

Learn these till you're at about 30 supply.

Most important things you learn from replays:
- Build orders
- How safe you really are at any given point in the game
- Approximately when to expand
- How many buildings you should have (baracks, war factories, gateways etc.)

The last and probably most important piece of advice:
Never stop making workers, never stop increasing your supply limit.
This may be the biggest bottleneck to performance new SC2 players will face.

Once you do the above for long enough, you then want to look at how to scout. A significant number of Bronze/Silver league players have no idea what they are looking for when they send a unit over to scout the opponents base.
Learn to spot rushes, or cheeses.
- Barracks and 2 early gasses could indicate banshee rush. Ensure you have a forge, evo chamber, or engineering bay ready soon to build anti-air/detection.
- A Spawning pool is starting to build with only 5 drones mining minerals, this indicates a zergling rush and you must immediately build a wall at your ramp the second you spot it.

Also brad, no, no I will not stream SC2 anymore

Yeh Buggy

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3:05am Sep 15th 13

Ok dude if you have Skype just post it here if you don't mind me adding you and if you could teach me 1on 1 classes kind of thing that would be great or just vs me a few times and give me pointers alsong the way

Taylor Swift

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9:54am Sep 15th 13

I play protoss. I can help.

Add; Hunter .753


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2:52pm Sep 15th 13

when you understand all the names etc

helps alot!

Taylor Swift

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2:58pm Sep 15th 13

Also watch live streams, Dreamhack is on atm. I'm only silver level atm. But my mmr has been up to platinum. I know how to play. Live streams are very very helpful.