MSI Saturday Showdown - Week T...

MSI Saturday Showdown - Week Two Results Thread

MSI Saturday Showdown - Week Two Results Thread

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Congratulations to our first place winner this week the South Korean Terran, Apocalypse who went undefeated in his run through the tournament. In the finals he faced our own Australian Terran iaguz! In third place iaguz's team mate Petraeus closed out the top three with his win over Gamecom Nv's Rossi and took home $25 cash! Once again another strong week for Frenetic Array!

The stream saw New Zealanders eCKo FluX and Another and vods can be found over on Another's channel -


1st - $100 Apocalypse
2nd - $50 frayiaguz
3rd - $25 frayPetreaus

The top 8 players also received points for their placings and these will be updated fortnightly on the new CyberGamer StarCraft II Ladder System!

A special thanks to Another and FluX for casting, Reignyo and Crayola for administrating tonight's tournament! Also huge thanks to MSi and CyberGamer!

The next Saturday Showdown will be on Saturday 12th October so be watching the forums for more info!


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Didn't make it was packing for a trip, will make next week