Looking For A Buddy(s)

Looking For A Buddy(s)

Looking For A Buddy(s)

Thread started by Tragiks on Friday, 7:21pm October 25th. Views: 1,086


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7:21pm Oct 25th 13


My In-game name is Tragiks and I'm fairly new to Starcraft,
I've recently watched the Day9 Video: How to get into Starcarft

I'm looking for someone or a group of people that are around the same level as me. (Silver) Not only will we play a lot together but I'm looking for someone/some people that can be encouraging while playing or talking to and also have heaps of fun!

Things that will help you and me get along

1) Positive personality
2) I'm 17 so someone around 16-21
3) Gotta love sports :)

People may find this thread stupid but I don't have any friends who play this game and I think if I play and talk to people that enjoy playing it also I will have a better attitude towards playing.

I do have a ts server to use cause in my opinion skype isn't that good.

P.M me or add me on SC2
Tragiks. 871