CGo: with ease v Zero Gravity

CGo: with ease v Zero Gravity

CGo: with ease v Zero Gravity

Thread started by KlNG on Thursday, 10:18pm November 28th with 23 replies. Views: 1,185


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10:18pm Nov 28th 13


18-6 our way ggz all around

> team reaction when Trish killed me

macho man and shit
poostep pretends he's team scope
first half was me tryin to prestige
started from the bottom now we here

hopsin new album goes alright
#5v5 Rev ~ Avior


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10:21pm Nov 28th 13

gzgzgz xo


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10:24pm Nov 28th 13

btw guys quick update

currently prestige 5 level 60

gonna hit up the 6th prestige grind soon

fran throws

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10:29pm Nov 28th 13

Im team scope

u rand alex


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10:30pm Nov 28th 13

That write up

Gw though..... With ease


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10:31pm Nov 28th 13

nah no screenies, cbfd

OhMy Heisenberg

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8:12am Nov 29th 13

started from the bottom now we here

Quote from #king on the 28th of November 2013
L0l you beat ZGG, you should still be at the bottom.

Adt Clone

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9:01am Nov 29th 13

U wot m3te


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10:53am Nov 29th 13

Annoying doesnt give enough credit....


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10:59am Nov 29th 13

might want to add we played on a NZ host the entire game and your team was crying because you didnt want any of my members to host, we didn't agree for a mutual host and every time we would go to shot it would lag spike we only kept playing because we just wanted to play, glad the match is over your team might be ok with shot and strats but your team needs to learn some respect,

fran throws

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4:24pm Nov 29th 13

Do you feel macho?



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4:28pm Nov 29th 13

wow did not expect this


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9:25pm Nov 29th 13

With ease, Is a shit team to play against. nuff said.


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1:37am Nov 30th 13

Wow such disrespect from Zero Gravity.

I expected better from a sponsored organization.

btw @ Macho Man, your host cry works both ways seeing as Fran was the only person from NZ.