BF4 miniseries clip #1

BF4 miniseries clip #1

BF4 miniseries clip #1

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Hey guys, this is my first ever montage from any game that I have made. This will be the very first video of a few which will kick off an epic mini series I have planned. This video will showcase me using Air Vehicles, mostly attack jets such as the FrogFoot, but you'll see 2 Roadkills, 1 on Dawnbreaker and one at the end, on Zavod 311. The next clip will be me as an infantry soldier, any class and anything goes. One after that will be ground Vehicles and the one after that will be Sea Vehicles. The end of this clip has a little sneak peak of what to expect to see in the next clip.

Enjoy and Subscribe!

[SPOILER=SPOILER: Air Vehicle Assault] [/SPOILER]


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left right goodnight

not sure


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Nice, Nice..