BF4 miniseries clip #2

BF4 miniseries clip #2

BF4 miniseries clip #2

Thread started by Moey on Thursday, 2:52pm January 2nd with 4 replies. Views: 434


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2:52pm Jan 2nd 14

Hey guys, this is clip number 2 of my ongoing BF4 miniseries. These clips do take a little longer to make than I expect due to the fact I have to play the game in order to get the clips as I insert an edit them into the video. Anyway, this is the GI Assault clip. Some decent kills here and there with some massive feeds.

Next one will be Ground vehicles. Everything from tanks to quads.

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[SPOILER=SPOILER: General Infantry Assault] [/SPOILER]


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2:58pm Jan 2nd 14

fuck some of the people you're versing are so bad

i need some d00ds to play this with, add me y0


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2:59pm Jan 2nd 14

Yeh. Awareness/10.

Whats your GT?


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3:01pm Jan 2nd 14

didnt know its walsh.

lol ill add you when i get on.


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3:26pm Jan 2nd 14

Nice shit brah.
Can't wait for the return of BF montages.
hopefully FBD comes back to drop some tank tages.