5v5 State Of Origin Captains A...

5v5 State Of Origin Captains Announced + What happens now ?

5v5 State Of Origin Captains Announced + What happens now ?

Thread started by TheRealPhadez on Monday, 6:43pm January 27th with 302 replies. Views: 17,526


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6:43pm Jan 27th 14 and edited 8:38pm Jan 27th 14

hey guys , in this thread you will be able to find further information about the 5v5 State of origin aswell as find who will be trying to lead your state to victory! Congratulations to the captains that have been chosen and i wish you all the best in choosing which players you want to help represent your state . This thread is also a continued registration for players who have not yet put there name down so if you haven't already get your name down you better do it now before its too late.


Sav (c)
Lazz (c)
Kinxy. (c)

Note : Shortly each captain will receive a list of registered players from there state in which they will be able to choose from .

Please read the above rule set if you have not . The event will follow the PS3 Call Of Duty : Ghosts 5v5 ladder rules in which a few things maybe changed such as the mtar being banned due to myself and side receiving some questions so ill also allow this thread to be for some minor ruleset discussion if you guys would prefer something banned or if you want to play the way it is .


For those of you who are still wanting to participate or have not made up your mind player registration is open but if you have put your name down on the previous thread please do not put your name down again as you will already be on the list of players who have registered for your respective state . If you wish to view the original registration thread you can do so here http://au.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/532483/PS3-5v5-State-of-Origin-Registration-And-Information/


Now that the captains announcement has been made and player rego is open , As stated above everyone who has not registered but now wants to compete can do so . We still have a list from the other thread of players and what state they have registered for and after awhile of this thread being open i will send the captains individual lists of players that have registered to represent there state making it easier for them to choose instead of scrolling through pages . After the captains have chosen there teams an announcement will be made with a final rule set and schedule that will also be used on the game day thread to keep everything as neat and tidy as possible .

Hope you guys have so far liked the way this has been set up we have done our best and we hope for a great outcome at the end of this . Congratulations to all the Captains and go VIC !


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6:47pm Jan 27th 14

I remember when the state of origin had good players.

This mirror cunt probably has no idea who, Swift or Rig is..


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6:47pm Jan 27th 14

Styled 4s and 5s captain in SOO nice


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6:47pm Jan 27th 14

Not to be mean or anything but shouldn't fallen or denz be wa captain. Dont get me wrong styleds a great guy and good player its just how it has mostly been.


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6:47pm Jan 27th 14

yuck cosmikk


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6:47pm Jan 27th 14

Nsw ez winz


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6:48pm Jan 27th 14

Yea nsw to ez


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6:49pm Jan 27th 14

NZ ez wins


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6:49pm Jan 27th 14

what is this NSW shit Josh? thought you were repping Jamaica for this comp?


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6:50pm Jan 27th 14

Why aren't, Damage, Denz or Mozt captains?


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6:51pm Jan 27th 14

NZ Team: Swift, Rig, Sour, skopedout, Prime


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6:51pm Jan 27th 14

hehe.. put in the qld team due to default


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6:52pm Jan 27th 14

WTF denz or fallen? me? 5s captain wth i barely play 5s even then i dont play ghosts.
Anyways, i would prefer CDH or something.


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6:56pm Jan 27th 14

Damage, Denz

Quote from GunzilIa on the 27th of January 2014
Damage cant make it ....

denz or fallen?

Quote from styled. on the 27th of January 2014
Did not register i cannot put through a captain who did not register its unfair to everyone else who did


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6:56pm Jan 27th 14

we're the best