$2000 Mwave Season 2 CyberGame...

$2000 Mwave Season 2 CyberGamer 4v4 CoD Ghosts Circuit Grand Final ~ Wrap up!

$2000 Mwave Season 2 CyberGamer 4v4 CoD Ghosts Circuit Grand Final ~ Wrap up!

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[font=tahoma]Season 2 Mwave Ghosts 4v4 Circuit League ~ Grand Final Wrap Up![/font]


Welcome to the final CyberGamer Mwave Ghosts 4v4 Circuit wrap up thread for Season 2, proudly brought to you by the Xbox Coverage Team! Before we get this started, we would like to give a massive thank you to Mwave for making this competition happen. Mwave is our official Call of Duty sponsor for the 4v4 side of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Secondly, we would like to make another massive thank you to the CoD Admin Team for donating their time assisting these tournaments and making them happen. Lastly a massive shout out to Myskta who had donated hours of his time time to stream and shoutcast the Mwave Competitions. The Coverage Team will continue to be giving you weekly updates throughout the duration of all the tournaments and events that occur during S3 of the Circuit. Enough of that though; now to the good stuff!

Today we will be wrapping up the Grand Final ODC. The ODC saw the top 8 teams in the Mwave standings invited to the coveted Mwave final. With a total of $2000 up for grabs, the competition was stiff! Many upsets occurred and it is with great pleasure, that we congratulate Team Immunity on taking out the massive $1200 first place prize! Immunity came out in the competition with every hope to take it out. The boys were able to defeat two massive teams in T1.Dotters and also AVANT-GARDE while also taking out Zero Gravity Gaming. It was then off too the Grand Final where they once again defeated T1.Dotters to secure their first place victory!

For a closer look at the teams that participated, check out the highlights and team write ups below!

For anybody wanting to know which teams competed and what their placements were, well look no further! Listed below are the 8 teams which competed, listed in order of their final placements!

Win / Loss
Map Count F/A
Team Immunity
Zero Gravity Gaming

*Forfeits count towards Win/Loss but do not contribute to Map Count F/A.

Also if you wish to see who toppled who, you can just checkout the bracket which can be located here: http://challonge.com/CGMwaveS2Finals

For more information regarding the teams, line ups and all that jazz, feel free to check out the Mwave Ghosts 4v4 Circuit League page here:


[FONT=Stencil]Team Immunity[/FONT]
Naked ~ Buzzin ~ shockz ~ Rampage' ~ Fighta

Yet another season of the Mwave circuit has now come to a close after the Season 2 Grand Final was played this past weekend. Team Immunity was one of the 8 teams who played in this ODC and for Team Immunity they were the team that won the day.

After an excellent run throughout the day, defeating numerous big name teams Team Immunity made their way into the Grand Final and for a second time, defeated the always strong T1.Dotters to secure them not only 1st Place in Season 2 but also a $1200 prize purse.

Team Background:
Team Immunity is Australia's premier multi-gaming eSports team. Based in Melbourne Australia, founded in July 2003, the team is comprised of players from a wide range of eSports.

Proud Sponsors
Intel ~ www.intel.com
Red Bull ~ www.redbull.com.au
Geil ~ www.geil.com.tw
Steelseries ~ www.steelseries.com
Gigabyte ~ www.gigabyte.com.au
BenQ ~ www.benq.com.au
Antec ~ www.antec.com

Recent Achievements:
- Mwave S1 Midweek 1: 1st Place
- Mwave S1 P2P ODC 1: 1st Place
- Mwave S1 P2P ODC 2: 1st Place
- Mwave S1 Grand Final: 3rd Place
- Mwave S2 MIdweek 2: 3rd Place
- Cybergamer 4v4 ODC: 3rd PLace

After almost 8 month, Team Immunity's core lineup returned and the boys were surely ready to show what this team could do. There was no better way to test their returning core than their Round 1 opponent, T1.Dotters. Both of these have just returned from the CoD Champs in L.A where Dotters proved to be the better team making their way all the way to fifth place in the comp. This match was predicted to be close and with these two teams trying to show who was the better you would expect some big moves. This match happened exactly how it was expected, blow for blow in a thrilling contest. In the end it was Team Immunity who had defeated Dotters 3-2 and moved their way into Round 2.

Round 2 brought on new challenges for Immunity in the form of Zero Gravity Gaming. ZGG have been around the Mwave Circuit for some time now and have been able to show of some ability in the process, although have never made it too far in. Team Immunity were the clear favorites and had every right to be after an impressive Round 1 victory and a string of good form leading into the competition itself. This match ended much quicker than the first match after a strong and convincing win by Team Immunity who toppled Zero Gravity 3-0. With this Loss ZGG now moved into the Losers Bracket while Immunity marched their way through into the Semi Finals.

It was now time for the Semi Finals and it was Team Immunity took on one of Australia's best teams, AVANT-GARDE. The boys went into this match following a very impressive Round 1 win and a nice clean win in Round 2. Much like their first game of the Mwave Comp, Team Immunity would need to bring their A game if they were to defeat their opponent. In amazing fashion Team Immunity were able to take out the giants that are AVANT with the scoreline of 3-1 and move themselves into the Grand Final match and for the chance to leave the Season 2 Grand Final with a spare $1200.

It was now Grand Final time! This match would now determine the winner of $1200 and $550 while also declaring the 1st and 2nd placed teams for Season 2 of the Mwave Circuit. Team Immunity would now need to face for the second time today the team of T1.Dotters who had fought their way through the Losers Bracket and into the Grand Final. Both teams were fueled by the expectation of them winning this competition while Dotters also used revenge after a first round loss. This match was yet again predicted to be close and it was exactly that! Although it was Team Immunity who played better when it counted and eventually ran out the winners by defeating Dotters 6-2 in the Grand Final.

Congratulations to Team Immunity on winning Season 2 of the Mwave Circuit!


[FONT=Stencil]T1 Dotters[/FONT]
Chilean ~ Damage ~ Denz ~ Iskatuu ~ Louqa

In what was a tremendous ending to the long and highly competitive Season 2 of the Mwave Circuit it was T1.Dotters who have yet again claimed themselves a poll position. The boys from TRIDENT only just last week returned here to Australia after a simply amazing performance in the CoD Championships in L.A where they placed 5th. Going beyond expectation and becoming the highest places Australian team at the champs unfortunately for the boys from Dotters their ability and skill did not carry through to the Grand Final ODC as they were only able to manage a 2nd Place position.

After the longest day out off all competing teams with a massive 6 games, Dotters made their way into the Grand Final against Team Immunity who they suffered a loss to in Round 1. After another gruelling match it was Immunity who came out on top meaning that T1.Dotters were only able to secure a 2nd spot finish.

Team Background:
This team was formed at the start of December 2013. Both Denz and Damage were looking for two as their original team had not worked out. Chileans and Iskatuu were also at the time looking for 2 and so they thought it would be a great idea to form a team. So far "we are extremely pleased with this decision we made and wouldn't have it any different".

Recent Mwave Circuit Standings:
- Mwave S1 Midweek 2: 2nd Place
- Mwave S1 Grand Final: 1st Place
- Mwave S2 F2P ODC 1: 1st Place
- Cybergamer F2P S&D ODC 1: 2nd Place

T1.Dotter began their day in Round 1 of the competition against their CoD Champ counterparts, Team Immunity. This match was bound to be close an highly competitive with no one being able to chose a winner. In the end after a hard fought match, it was Team Immunity who prevailed 3-2 and pushed their way through into Round 2 while Dotters were sent into unfamiliar territory, the Losers Bracket.

In Round 1 of the Losers Bracket, T1.Dotters were set to face the team of Dynasty who had proven to be a dangerous challenge in previous Mwave competitions while even getting up to win a few. Just like their prior match, Dotters knew this would be a close one and they would need to play much better than they did against Immunity if they wanted to get up and win. This match never actually happened as Dynasty had no choice but to forfeit meaning they would no longer be in the competition and that Dotters would advance into Round 2 without even breaking a sweat.

Up next for the T1 boys was Rebellion.MC who have been the team turning heads in this Season of Mwave with multiple wins and even a 1st Place to their name. For a third time in a row T1.Dotters were set to face a tough opponents and they would need to play well in order to get up over the MC boys. It was expected to be closer but unfortunately for Rebellion.MC, Dotters were able to show of their ability by defeated Rebellion 3-0 and move into Round 3 of the Losers Bracket while MC were sent out of the competition.

Round 3 brought the challenge of eQuate who Dotters were not familiar with due to eQuate's quiet start to the Season. For the first time in this competition, T1.Dotters were in a match where they were the clear favorites to win and they did exactly that in very convincing style defeating eQuate with a massive 3-0 scoreline. With this win Dotters were now into the Semi-Finals of the Losers Bracket and eQuate were sent on out.

The Semi-Finals are always tough matches but when you have the biggest Mwave rivalry with T1.Dotters and AVANT-GARDE you just know its going to be a big match. The stakes were high in this match with the winner being sent into the Grand Final to play for $1200 while the loser would secure a 3rd place position and a small prize purse of $250. In these teams small history together there has been hardly any one sided affairs but this Semi-Final made records as T1.Dotters put on a simply amazing performance and were able to very strongly defeat AVANT 3-0. With this lose AVANT now had an extra $250 to their name and a 3rd spot Mwave Season 2 position while Dotters moved into the Grand Final to play for the $1200 first place prize.

It was now Grand Final Time!! T1.Dotters now had one hell of an obstacle known as Team Immunity standing in their way. The two teams faced off earlier in the day with Team Immunity defeating Dotters 3-2. The only difference now is that the stakes were much higher as one team would be walking away with $1200 and the other with only $550. In what was another amazing contest it was Team Immunity who got the upperhand on Dotters defeating them 6-2. With this lose Dotters had secured a 2nd Place finish along with $550.

Congratulations to Team Immunity and better luck next time to T1.Dotters!


Vilesyder ~ Khooiee ~ Hopey ~ Macka

In third place we have Team AVANT-GARDE!

AVANT-GARDE have again made their way into the Mwave finals! The team came out strong in a thrilling set of performances to secure themselves third place and $250. They started off the day making it to the winner bracket finals and all looked well when they took on iM, but sadly was knocked down to loser bracket finals where they also faced off against T1.Dotters, who are currently the world's 5th best 4v4 team, unlucky in there run for the grand final they lost, overall a well-deserved third place for AVANT.

- Scorptec ~ http://www.scorptec.com.au/
- Corsair ~ http://www.corsair.com/en
- Plantronics Gaming ~ http://www.plantronics.com/au/gaming/
- Netgear ~ http://www.netgear.com.au/
- Eizo ~ http://gaming.eizo.com/products/
- G2A.com ~ https://www.g2a.com/
- Gamers Apparel ~ www.gamersapparel.co.uk/

Recent Achievements:
- Mwave S1 P2P ODC 1: 3rd Place
- Mwave S1 Midweek 2: 3rd Place
- Mwave S2 Midweek 2: 1st Place
- Cybergamer F2P S&D ODC 1: 1st Place
- Mwave S2 P2P ODC 2: 3rd Place
- Mwave S2 Midweek 4: 1st Place

Team Background:
"AVANT GARDE (est. 2012), is an Australian e-Sports Organization collecting some of the best teams in the nation to rally under one banner. In 2013 the organization stepped up operations and today has over 50 members all around Australia competing in 8 different titles on both PC and Xbox.

AVANT-GARDE are an esports organization in Australia who is dedicated to changing and improving the overall esports industry in Australia/NZ. We want to be the ones pioneering this change and so we are prepared to take that initial step forward. With one of our first moves the establishment of the first Australian gaming house.

AVANT-GARDE has become a premier organization for teams to aspire to be a part of. With a large social network and fantastic LAN presence, AVANT-GARDE has become one of the biggest organizations in Australian e-Sports."

AVANT GARDE came out to play like champions today. They started of strong playing Team Insurgency, a well-played series by AVANT let them to take it out 3-0, a clean sweep for them to move closer to the first place they were aspiring for. Next on the chopping board was Vindex.Rebellion, this proved to be a close and challenging match for AVANT but they battled it out to take the final SnD to close series out 3-2.

Team Immunity was also on a warpath to the winner brackets final. This series was going to be a good one, 2 of the top CoD teams going head to head to see who could make it to the grand finale. iM proved that they continue to be one of the Top2 teams in AUSCOD and take down AVANT in what seemed like an easy series for the team of iM.

This placed AVANT down into the loser bracket finals where they had to face off against one of the top teams in the world T1.DOTTERS. This was going to be a vicious series if AVANT didn't get on top within the first game. With DOTTERs moving into the LB final with a victory over eQuate, and AVANT with a loss to Immunity. It was really going to be tough. It started out rough and ended even rougher with T1.DOTTERS taking out AVANT-GARDE in a 3-0 series.

This placed AVANT in final finish of third place still taking a share of the $2000 that was up for grabs. Not a bad way to end a weekend for the boys of AVANT.

Team Comments:

"As for how we played; it definitely wasn't our usual game. We played alright, but alright doesn't contain the ferocity or intensity needed to take on two teams with a full arsenal of strats tested and hardened by international teams in the biggest tourney of the year.
AVANT CoD would like to thank Cybergamer and Mwave for putting the effort in and devising a solid 'season' for CoD; we like it and we look forward to more!"

Quote from Team Captian - Vilesyder


...and that concludes the Coverage Team's write up for the Mwave Call of Duty: Ghosts Circuit - Season 2 Grand Final ODC!

Feel free to be constructive and let us know if there anything we could improve on; we love constructive criticism! Things are only going to get bigger and better from here guys, so help us, help you.

Remember, we streamed most of the day over on the CyberGamer: XBOX Twitch.TV Channel. The rebroadcasts will be available on the CyberGamer: XBOX YouTube Channel at a later date. Again, special thanks to Myksta who once again streamed and shoutcasted the entire days events.

All comments, suggestions and feedback are welcome below.

Xbox Coverage Team

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Congratz to iM, T1 and AG


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Do it @ LAN iM