Exile5 VS Noxious Gaming VoD

Exile5 VS Noxious Gaming VoD

Exile5 VS Noxious Gaming VoD

Thread started by Cyanide. on Monday, 12:33am June 23rd with 5 replies. Views: 1,248


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12:33am Jun 23rd 14

Hey guys, I cant easily export to youtube because I can only do it for video's at 2 hours. This was a monster Bo3 coming up over three hours. Here is the twitch VoD. I heavily recommend you open it, pause it, make a coffee to let it start buffering then enjoy.



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9:56am Jun 23rd 14

Watched it live, and while it is worth the watch, I feel people will choose recent pro games instead to watch vods of. What we need here is someone to devote some time to creating some extended highlight footage of the series, no more than say 10 minutes. I used to do some of it myself before moving to a full time position at work, and really, it's not too hard. If you have a ticket for the event, just fraps sections of interest, and use a fade transition between key points, something most video making software is capable of.

I believe there's a large interest for something like this to happen, I for one would watch the majority of cgp and cga commented series in a highlighted format. I've seen some of you guys make your own team highlight vids and some player highlight vids, so get on it, we'd love you for it.


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10:40am Jun 23rd 14

Been trying to find someone to do that for us in the community Nevdi, but unfortunately most of them want to be paid (usually a professional rate too..) :(. We will be trying to get a season highlight done however (mainly finals)


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12:29pm Jun 23rd 14

My biggest problem is, and its always a struggle for me as a streamer, and more so as a commentator ( even tho these days I mainly stream, and provide guidance )
Is even with a game like LoL where I have done 500 plus games I struggle to remember to do things like wow, that was a great play, let me mark it down for a highlight.
Its right now extremely hard for a game like Dota because Im very fresh at the game, and still learning how it even works.
I would be more than able to make something up IF I had video / demo link and the time stamp.

As Lionberg said tho, for around the finals time, we ( myself and Jamie ) really want to provide some awesome clips from through out the season.

And this may sound silly, but we ( commentators, streamers, all the crew ) get a tonne of energy and motivation from you guys watching and supporting the scene. Dota2 so far has shocked me a little bit, as a game ive started broadcasting the viewers are the lowest I have ever seen, and by this I mean games like Bo2 ( on PC) even got 100 plus viewers. I am working with the admins and broadcast team atm to see what we can do for better promotion, and awareness of games in the Australian / NZL scene. Tonight Im doing a CoD4 stream, and thats a pretty old "dead" game and will pull more interest.

But getting back on track, we are super keen to produce some short 2/3 minute clips of some awesome stuff.


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5:30pm Jun 23rd 14

some form of highlight reel sounds great !


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8:10pm Jun 23rd 14

you should hire the guy that did this: