2014 Taiwan Open

2014 Taiwan Open

2014 Taiwan Open

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eSports in Taipei with WCS 4000 point event. So Hot, So Fun!


August 4, 2014 –<2014 Taiwan Open> is organized by Taiwan eSports League Co., Ltd.( hereinafter referred to as TeSL) and will take place at the Expo Dome in Taipei from the 8th to the 10th of August, 2014. This will be an amazing eSports event with wonderful tournaments, fun activities, a sound & light show, fashionable eSports products, and opportunities to win prizes.

On 8th and 9th August, we will commence with the final tournament of < 2014 Taiwan Open-StarCraftII >; on the 10th of August, we will commence with the final tournament of <2014 Taiwan Open -Special Force> and <2014 Taiwan Open-KartRider>.

TeSL has led eSports in Taiwan for 8 years. This year, TeSL is ready to step forward, thus we have invited top players worldwide. In Asia, < 2014 Taiwan Open-StarCraft II > is the first tournament to ever meet the criteria of the WCS Tier 2 scale. The scale of <2014 Taiwan Open> is bigger than ever.

The four invited Korean players and the four qualified players are JaeDong, TaeJa, HyuN, Bomber, True, Leenock, Departure and Pet. Their strong opponents will be 8 Taiwanese players: Sen, Has, Slam, Ian, AK, Fist, Cheetos and Python. Watch out, this will be an unprecedented and exciting tournament!

Time: 2014/08/08 (Fir.) to 2014/08/10(Sun.) 12:00 AM-22:00 PM
Location: Expo Dome, Taipei
Website: http://www.esports.com.tw/teslwcsevent/twop.html