Plantronics Nv welcomes Mindfr...

Plantronics Nv welcomes Mindfreak

Plantronics Nv welcomes Mindfreak

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2 years ago someone asked me, "Where do you see Nv 6 months from now?"
My honest answer was, "I'll be surprised if we're still around. I see Nv as a stepping stone to greater things."

Since then, the red hoodie has been seen representing StarCraft 2, Call of Duty, League of Legends and Hearthstone across Australia and the globe.
Last weekend, Nv DotA made their staggering debut in the MSI Beat It Australian qualifiers.

Without the ongoing support of Plantronics, none of this would have been possible.

Humbled by the enormous growth and support surrounding Nv, one might suspect how excited I am to announce the addition of Mindfreak to the Nv family.

Introducing Plantronics Mindfreak

Albert @MF_NakeZe Nassif
Mitchell @MF_BuZZO Mader
Lincoln @MF_Fighta Ferguson
Conrad @MF_Shockz Rymarek

Not many people know this, but Nv's evolution from "StarCraft 2 team" to what it is today was influenced by Albert "Naked" Nassif. He approached me 18 months ago with the recommendation that I bring the ex-Myth Call of Duty team under the Nv umbrella. This demonstrated an admirable strength of character because it didn't benefit Albert at all. He merely wanted to help grow the Australian scene by unifying great opportunities with deserving individuals. After all, that has always been my mission with Nv.

So in light of all this, I'm incredibly pleased to be working under the same roof as Albert, Mitchell, Lincoln and Conrad. Effective immediately, the Australian Call of Duty team formerly recognised as "Team Immunity" will be spearheading an entirely new identity as Plantronics.MF.


In celebration of this exciting opportunity, I'm also pleased to announce that Plantronics.MF will be competing at the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) 2014 finals in Paris, France from Wednesday October 29th to November 2nd. Leading up to the event, we'll be preparing a series of videos, interviews and highlights to document the experience. Keep an eye on our social media closer to date for details.


Q: Wait... So is it Plantronics.Nv? Or Plantronics.MF? How is Nv involved?
A: The team is Plantronics.MF. Mindfreak is now a subsidiary/sister team to Nv, under the same umbrella. The standalone Mindfreak organisation ceases to exist.

Q: What's happening to the Nv CoD team?
A: You're going to see plenty more of Fergz, Claw, Maljy and Beastn. They're not going anywhere! :)

Q: Why bother with the whole MF thing? Why not just call them Nv COD2?
A: This question actually has two answers. The first reason is: We're looking to explore individual branding opportunities exclusively to the Mindfreak team. Nv now houses over 30 individuals and it may be difficult for prospective partners to support a group as large as ours. Keeping the brands separate allows us to represent sponsors on a per-platform basis. The best example I can give here is Frag Labs & Horize. They currently provide our PC teams with A-grade gaming laptops to practice with. Our Call of Duty teams compete on the XBox One though, so there isn't much benefit for them. By isolating the brands we can manage the expectations of our players and partners. The second reason is: Nv originated as a StarCraft 2 team. When I created the brand, I never imagined we'd be competing on the world stage for Call of Duty. I'm cautious when it comes to clashing with the nV (EnvyUs) brand due to obvious confusion. You can probably take this as a hint that we may also end up making changes to the Nv COD brand someday.

Q: So we're going to see more red hoodies then?
A: Nope. These boys will be wearing some familiar gear, but it won't be red.

Any other questions? Post below and I'll add them to the list!


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never heard of this team... gl guys


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Welcome to the family


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Well gosh damn!


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Congratulations! That's some huge news. I'm sure they'll continue to go huge under your brand.


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hope its worth sending cod players oversea's costing thousands for zero financial return!!


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Neat. Hopefully MF can make CoD champs next yr and go huge.


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hope its worth sending cod players oversea's costing thousands for zero financial return!!

Quote from crozwel on the 14th of August 2014

Those who are in eSports for "financial return" are in it for the wrong reasons. We're not here to make money. We're here to provide opportunities to awesome gamers.


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Those who are in eSports for "financial return" are in it for the wrong reasons. We're not here to make money. We're here to provide opportunities to awesome gamers.

Quote from Dox on the 14th of August 2014
Dox literally the best PERSON in eSports i've ever worked with :O


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mindfreak? lmao
how original.


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Congrats! Should be good


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Congratulations boys!!!