Website Launch & Giveaway

Website Launch & Giveaway

Website Launch & Giveaway

Thread started by jvkec on Monday, 8:00pm December 15th with 12 replies. Views: 2,411


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8:00pm Dec 15th 14

Website // Facebook // Twitter


After a month or so, the Team STREAMLINE website is now live and operational. Streamline started out as a game server company back in 2007 and with the success of that it was decided to also branch off into the competitive online gaming scene in 2009 with a team representing STREAMLINE in Counter-Strike: Source.

I'd like to thank Speca and Clug for all their hard work to get the site up and running, and for being very cooperative throughout the design and coding process. You can find their links below if you would like to get into contact with them about anything to do with designing or coding.

Clug: Steam
Speca: Steam

If you have any feedback on the website, please let me know via PM or Steam, I'd like to hear what the community think of the website or what could be done better etc.

Now to the giveaway part, to enter the giveaway, all you have to do is LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook and Twitter. Once our Facebook reaches 1,400 likes, and our Twitter reaches 100 followers, we will be giving away 1x AK-47 | Fire Serpent [Field-Tested], currently worth $89 USD on the Market.


Our server branch, Streamline Servers, will be giving away 1x 128 tick CS:GO War Server FREE for a month. You can check out all of the game server and voice server options Streamline offer over at;


Thanks, and good luck!


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8:34pm Dec 15th 14

Liked and followed :)

Also I like the website design it's very nice BOL in the future


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8:43pm Dec 15th 14



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4:06pm Dec 16th 14

liked and followed :D

Facebook: Trident Yuki
Twitter: cybercoregaming


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6:25pm Dec 16th 14

Thanks Malefic Get your friends liking and following so we can give these two prizes away ASAP


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7:05pm Dec 16th 14

Done. Goodjob.


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8:22pm Dec 16th 14

Done, looking schmick


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9:15pm Dec 16th 14

Liked and Followed.
Thanks and GL everyone!


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9:19am Dec 17th 14

Cheers guys!


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9:01pm Jan 1st 15

We have reached our goal of 1,400 likes on Facebook. Within the next FIVE minutes the two lucky winners will be drawn. The two people will be given ONE week to claim their prize, if they do not claim it, the prizes will be redrawn.

The first prize will be the 128 tick CS:GO War Server FREE for a month, followed by the AK-47 | Fire Serpent [Field-Tested]!

Watch in the comments below, as that is where I'll be posting the winners!


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9:06pm Jan 1st 15

Pls lord baby jesus, if I win I will adopt a small african family and raise them to be my MM team.


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9:14pm Jan 1st 15

Winners drawn, stay tuned for more giveaways! Will be bigger and better


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5:10am Oct 11th 21 and edited 6:47am Oct 15th 21

I really love Giveaways and things like that. But most of all I like to open which can be purchased for $ 0.00. You just need to purchase a premium subscription and get the opportunity to open mystery boxes for free.