LFT cgo/a preferably sub

LFT cgo/a preferably sub

LFT cgo/a preferably sub

Thread started by bazooka!^ on Thursday, 10:23pm December 25th with 41 replies. Views: 8,664


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10:23pm Dec 25th 14 and edited 1:23pm May 21st 19

Alias: bazooka!^ (Was Oasis now im not ;)

Goals: to play in a team with good teamwork and good blokes

Weaknesses: off days occassionally

Strengths: pretty confident gamer

give us a go for a cga or o team

steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/bazooka123//


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2:23pm Dec 26th 14

Good bloke went to recent Syd lan with him.

Would be a good pickup for CGO team


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6:05pm Apr 8th 15

Hey guys!

Starting to become active again in the csgo scene and i find myself looking for a team

with good teamwork and good blokes. I'll be honest.. i haven't competitively had much

experience in terms if cgo/a esea etc..but regularly DM and MM most nights.

Attended my first Sydney Lan @ Legends Cyber Cafe and had the chance to play with

some friendly blokes. It was a really good experience and would like to improve my

game-play as i would like to attend again sometime in the near future.

Also played with some irl friends in a few teams nothing too serious just for fun and am

now looking to improve on my current level of play and looking to join people with the

same mind-state.

I play Sunday - Thursday.. but end up being online on the weekends anyway, unless I have

something on.

Looking for any team that would give me a go atm, not fuss as long as their good blokes.

Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/bazooka123//




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6:12pm Apr 8th 15

Good bloke with a good mindset, get around him!

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10:08pm Apr 8th 15

Great guy,

He came to our team virtual lan, can frag. Good guy very mature, would be good for CGA with the right mentors.


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6:20pm Apr 16th 15

Good bloke, bol


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10:24pm Apr 26th 15

good bloke, has a great mindset and strong aim

would recommend, best of luck friend


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3:00am Apr 27th 15

Easy going, sharp and clued player.


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3:26pm Apr 27th 15

Hey bazooka, interested in picking u up (ill add you on steam now)


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6:59pm May 3rd 15

Has potential just need a team that can guide him toward the right direction.


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12:00am Jun 6th 15

Played with this guy at lan top notch player great bloke (Says he is 25 but doesn't look a day older than 14 :P)


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5:25pm Jun 6th 15

Has potential, good willingness to learn, would do well with a couple seasons of CGa.


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2:49pm Jun 11th 15

One of the nicest guys I've met, should be able to play CGa with a breeze and progress after a season.

Best of luck Zooky. xx


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2:50pm Jun 12th 15

Good bloke, good comms, Needs more comp exp but a great pickup for any team looking to build up.


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11:35pm Jun 16th 15

Great guy, smart and camn, doesn't lose his shit.