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PC build opinion

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10:15pm Jan 16th 15

My friend offered to build me a PC here are the specs- https://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=wish_lists&wlcId=397940&action=wish_lists

What do you think for $2000 if not what can I change without going to far over $2000.



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10:29pm Jan 16th 15

Well with that cooler i'm 99% sure you won't be able to fit the RAM he selected it's too tall for the cooler , also you will only have about a 15mm clearance from the side panel to your cooler as well. You could possibly have less clearance can't remember if they count the measurement with a mobo installed

Also don't really know why you're buying 2400mhz RAM waste of money unless you're doing some heavy editing


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10:33pm Jan 16th 15

why is ur ram taller than me


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10:54pm Jan 16th 15

Yep @Darkey is right, that RAM is 54mm high and the cooler (with the outer fan attached) only has about 48mm clearance. You can't put the outer fan on the other side because the mosfet heatsink is too tall (50 mm), so with your combination the only possibility would be to run the D15 with one fan. Hight wise the cooler fits in the case, NZXT reckons you can fit an 18cm cooler (which implies that measurement is from the top of the CPU) but regardless the D15 is just under 16.5cm anyway.

What is your goal here? If you were an enthusiast the parts (other than the tall RAM) would make sense if you wanted to reach a high clockspeed. But then you wouldn't need a friend to build it for you. If you want to do a little overclocking for fun, you might as well get a cheaper cooler and motherboard. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you might as well get a very cheap cooler, a $100 motherboard and the non-K version of that CPU. And if you just want to get maximum FPS in games, spend the saved money from the above advice on a better graphics card, which will make a much bigger difference. Lastly that PSU is complete overkill for this build.


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10:57pm Jan 16th 15

I updated it and could you check if it works now. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=wish_lists&wlcId=398302&action=wish_lists


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11:53pm Jan 16th 15

Case is just as good as the last one, SSD is possibly more reliable (though plenty of people use Kingston products without issues so I'm not sure if bad reliablilty claims are fair or not). CPU cooler will now fit.


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1:24am Jan 17th 15 and edited 1:46am Jan 17th 15

imo i see overcloking and sli as a enthusiast feature
Intel Xeon equivalent to a i7 4790 (just no onboard graphics and clocked a little bit slower)
Intel Xeon E3 1231 V3

but aye if you want to overcock and sli later on you can
Intel Core i5 4690K

then again if it's just for gaming you could save more and go with a i5 and 8gb ram and spend the extra elsewhere


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9:54am Jan 17th 15

GTX 980 in SLI plus the rest of the system under full load uses less than 600W and you need 850W?


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10:12am Jan 17th 15

just do this


get an i7 and a 980 at the same price. dont need to go overboard on your motherboard.

and you dont need a cooler right off the bat. unless you want it for the wank factor, or going to overclock the shit out of it


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10:15am Jan 17th 15

not that you need an i7. but if you are spending 2k you might as well