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VENTUS Gaming Mouse - Community Giveaway and Feedback

VENTUS Gaming Mouse - Community Giveaway and Feedback

Thread started by Spudv2 on Tuesday, 3:54pm February 24th with 29 replies. Views: 4,031


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3:54pm Feb 24th 15

Hey there guys and girls!

Tt eSPORTS is proud to be doing an exciting giveaway and feedback of one of our new gaming mice - the VENTUS gaming mouse! It's crafted with a fully ambidextrous design - and includes a high grade AVAGO laser sensor that operates at up to 5700 DPI. The mouse also includes an in-built weight system as well as powerful software that lets you program and macro buttons to your hearts desire. The VENTUS gaming mouse is currently out now in Australia and New Zealand for only $49AUD RRP from all good online stores and computer retailers (psst - it's on Mwave ). We're looking at giving away 4 brand new VENTUS gaming mice for you guys to fully test out and review!

How does this work? We'll be giving 4 VENTUS gaming mice away to you guys to take home, scrutinize, photograph, review and share your thoughts with your fellow community members. Applications will be open immediately and what you chose to do with the gaming mouse afterwards is completely up to you. Once you're selected as a winner we'll contact you privately via CyberGamer We have some basic guidelines given to ensure reviews are of high quality.

We always like to stress that you are to give your honest opinions, if you dislike or really love the product, let it be known. Feel free to share the positive and negative sides of the Ventus gaming mouse, share what features you may like or dislike and what you think should or could be added.

We can then use this information and feed it back directly to our design and engineering team in Taiwan for further implementation and development.

- Test the product through any means you deem necessary (gaming, general use, getting the 'feel' of the omron switches, extensive look over etc)
- Provide at least 5 paragraphs on your thoughts of the product
- Provide a minimum of 3-4 images of the VENTUS mouse
- You must be a resident of Australia/New Zealand

Quote from Quote from Reviewer Guidelines:

How do you enter? Simply leave a comment in this thread explaining in 25 words or less why you should be the lucky one to review our Tt eSPORTS Ventus mouse!

For more information on the mouse, please head over to

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3:58pm Feb 24th 15

Would be a great opportunity for those who are just starting some journalism courses in uni, or just like reviewing anything tech related.

Looking forward to seeing some winners!


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3:59pm Feb 24th 15

Dayam, if i had more time on my hands i would be on this! This was an awesome mouse at both EB expo and PAX!


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4:12pm Feb 24th 15

I click my mouse, it fails
Try to fix, to no avail
My friends, they will be envious
If I could, review a VENTUS


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4:20pm Feb 24th 15

I think I should be the lucky person to review this mouse as I am skilled in the linguistic arts of journalistic reviews and photos ;D


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4:27pm Feb 24th 15

I like to test different mouses from a deathadder to a zowie can this mouse be the replacement of the mouse I am using now? only time will tell if you can send me one


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4:33pm Feb 24th 15

Love to review the mouse in a variety of applications to test comfort and functionality for use in general computing as well as gaming


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4:44pm Feb 24th 15

Winners will be selected next Tuesday 3/3/2015 for anyone wondering!


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5:27pm Feb 24th 15

I would love to have the chance to review this juicy piece of technology as it would deepen my understanding of work in advertising journalism


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5:40pm Feb 24th 15

interesting design, is there a fan in it? or is it for airflow?


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8:04pm Feb 24th 15

interesting design, is there a fan in it? or is it for airflow?

Quote from Dealzz on the 24th of February 2015
The honeycomb design is designed purely for airflow. There's no fan underneath of it.


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6:25pm Feb 26th 15

Ambidextrous mouse...Ventilated design. Gimmick or game changer? Find out next week in my review...maybe.


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6:34pm Feb 26th 15

click bait titles are out of fashion Phoenique.

I have years of experience using a mouse. what more could you ask for!


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2:53pm Mar 1st 15

Looks sweet


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3:57pm Mar 1st 15

I've got a Tt keyboard, all I need now is a matching mouse.