farQue LFT again - mid CGA

farQue LFT again - mid CGA

farQue LFT again - mid CGA

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7:56am Mar 2nd 15 and edited 10:03pm Aug 30th 15

Alias : farQue

Age : 26

MM Rank : LEM (MM means nothing as i play ESEA more offen then not)
currently at 12 RWS

Location : Wollongong. (can drive to sydney for LAN)

steam; http://steamcommunity.com/id/farQue/

Previous Experience : been playing cs off an on since 2001.
just getting back into cs and competitive side of cs now, ive been playing CGA but looking to go to a more serious team!

Aims : to get in a team with some good blokes who get on and gel well together and play some competitive games (mid/high CGA) no toxic players please!

Id perfer most the players on team to be over 18 years.(or be mature)

Weaknesses : when im bottom fragging i get frag hungry. (working on this maybe its not all about chasing RWS :P)

Strengths : im versatile! and dynamic, i can play well as entry, support or lurk. and ill adapt to each round can do these roles when needed depending on how the round is playing out.
im even pretty decent on the AWP and could be a secondary awper.

I have good coms, can call when need to on the fly.

also i realize everyone can improve on there game and im willing to listen and learn if any one has advice. (basically im not a cocky moron)

i have a good understanding of the game as you do after all these years.

Previous Teams : eLude (cgo) we were in top 10. but where never super serious missed quite a few games due to not having everyone online, it was just a bunch of lads having fun.
BlackLions CGA

what I dont want: a bunch of randoms who get together once in a blue moon to basicly pug with a logo....

looking for a team who actually pracs, scrims looking to build etc..

give me a holla boys http://steamcommunity.com/id/farQue/


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11:09pm May 23rd 15

hey man http://steamcommunity.com/id/T1TanZ/ add me on steam


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1:45am May 27th 15

contact people farQue


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10:20pm May 30th 15

Probably one of the worst players I've ever played with.. Got him to fill in for us in a scrim and somehow he made it into our MM game. Never listens to calls, and fails to follow simple instructions - you'd think that somebody that has 14 years experience would know simple instructions like NOT to push middle, yet he is retarded enough to do it.

I'd suggest nobody even bother wasting their time with this low CG-o idiot.


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9:03pm Jun 1st 15

bjork aka NEAWS is just the most toxic person ive ever come across.
the whole team/PUG hated him, we an argument and is writing this^^ out of spite.

people who know bjork will know where im coming from.


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8:03pm Jun 29th 15

Farque seems like a generally nice guy with a good attitude towards others. Adapts to different situations and is an overall versatile player! Someone pick him up


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8:50pm Jun 29th 15

one of the worst players ive ever played against


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9:21pm Jun 29th 15

bjork still salty... lol

take your hate some where else..


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9:37pm Jun 29th 15

Farque's a real lad to play with if you get to know him.

Would recommend.


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6:46pm Jul 2nd 15

cheers lads


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10:17pm Jul 2nd 15

yeh farque is very sharp. definitely a good pickup. he is willing to learn and progress


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10:33pm Jul 2nd 15

real nice guy and a decent player. will learn quickly mid cga


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7:02pm Jul 3rd 15

Toxic and cancerous to play with in a team game. 0/10 would not recruit.