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Horsemen of the Apocalypse is open for recruitment!

Multigame Clan

The HoA SC2 division is an online home to players from all over Europe. HoA is a social clan with active sections playing LoL, D3, and MineCraft.


HoA believes that good company is central to how we play our games. We value community, and TeamSpeak is the hub for all our online activity - gaming-related or not. Horsemen stay in touch over Skype groups, Facebook, and our forums.

Time in the Starcraft section is spent stealing pro builds, sharing stuff from Reddit, 9Gag, and YouTube, with the occasional karaoke! There is always someone available for help or advice.

We welcome mature players of all experience. HoA members and administration are actively looking to grow the community and improve our experience.


The competitive division runs clan wars and frequent customs to offer a different experience to ladder. New maps are tried, builds rehearsed, and mechanics drilled. Your in-game friends are always welcome as everyone brings a different style into the mix.

For those looking to get competitive we offer coaching to diamond, with a core group of players who are happy to set up practice games, share strats and replays, or point you in the right direction.

We run our own internal ladder and tournaments for members. People will figure you out quickly if you always do the same thing, so expand your repertoire, and ask your same-race comrades for alternatives and fancy cheeses!


Two memberships are offered: a full membership, and a limited competitive membership.

Full memberships include membership across every game we support, and unrestricted access to the forums, groups, and TeamSpeak channels. Applications are judged by community management, and ones demonstrating maturity and personality are noticed. We want to get to know you a little as a person, and applicants may be asked to add more.

The competitive membership is for people who are focused on developing their Starcraft game. It includes in-game membership, team support (events, materials, practice partners), access to competitive Starcraft sections on Teamspeak and forums, as well as Clan Wars and Starcraft events.

1) Create a forum account: http://forum.clan-hoa.com/forum.php
2) Fill in an application:
a. Full HoA Membership http://join.clan-hoa.com/
b. Limited competitive membership Contact us in-game or forum

Applicants can expect a follow-up to help set up all lines of communication.


Competitive (T) - InsaneSensei#813 SC2 Officer
Competitive (P) - ReacH#148 SC2 Officer
Full Membership - SCunholygodX#287 SC2 Division Manager

We hope to hear from you soon, stay awesome!