Napalm eSports (TEAM 3) - LFM...

Napalm eSports (TEAM 3) - LFM (CGA)

Napalm eSports (TEAM 3) - LFM (CGA)

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Napalm eSports TEAM 3


Current Lineup

SAMMY - Support/Rifler
Myk - Entry/Rifler
Ahren - Entry/Rifler


Post your lft below or add me on steam for a trial :)


Napalm eSports PERKS:
-Scrim Server
-All CGA Fees Paid

Please be a decent player


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1:44am Jun 14th 15

Alias: Axillum

Age: 18-01/1999 (16)

Location: Perth W.A Australia (attending LANs here)

Previous teams: I have not competed in any csgo on cg but a few at LANs as a pug

Aims: To join a team that is dedicated to success and will work for it.

Weaknesses: I don't know some of call outs and boost spots and my aim is ok

Strengths: Great communication (from other teams and LANs) good at keeping to a training seclude (again from previous team training). Good with the m4a4 and the ak47

I'm willing to treat training like a religion. My ping is 60-70. I'm also willing to be a sub if one member can't play


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2:18pm Jun 14th 15

bump <3


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4:28pm Jun 14th 15

Name: Hugo Milic




MM rank:Changes from LE-LEM

Hours played:2k

Competitive experience: Played in a few teams.

Past Teams: Team Plexus (Vax, Kristo, Sigma, Kinkyy, HSM-)

Team Lox Sinners: (Zebra, Kinkyy, Chroper, Tezza, HSM-)

Steam profile link:

List of Strengths: Can be a strong rifler, i understand the game very well, know what to change when things, and i know lots of strats)

List of Weaknesses: Not a strong awper, occasionally lose it if frustrated, aim isnt always on point)


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4:57pm Jun 14th 15

Added you

Gazza Akira

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5:11pm Jun 14th 15

21 years old, looking for team. Not a LAN team though, as I'm in Hobart. Prefer a team with clear goals to get better, am willing to put in hours practicing, watching demos, learning smokes etc.

Role: Entry/ Support/ Lurk rifler

Strengths: Awareness, timings, entries (flick shots with Ak are my thing) Pistol rounds

Will never get mad or yell, nice guy (or so I've heard),

Weaknesses: Tend to be a bit streaky (sometimes a bit hot and cold, lose momentum and I sometimes play badly).

Previous experience: Only played MM on GO, but have a fair bit of experience playing in Cybergamer on CSS a few years ago.



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8:24pm Jun 14th 15

No longer team pheonix, We are now under Napalm eSports TEAM 3.


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9:00pm Jun 14th 15



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9:25pm Jun 14th 15

keen for a trial. Added to discuss


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9:37pm Jun 14th 15

Interested in a trail, tried to add you, wouldn't let me, message me if you need more information or anything!

Been told from high level players im easily mid CGA to high.

Lizard PP

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12:47pm Jun 15th 15

Age: 18 29/10/1996

MM Rank: LE (after 165 wins)

Role: Primary AWP, Lurker, Rifler

Hours Played: 788

Why I want to join:
I'm a very competitive person and have been wanting to play in a competitive team for a while. I'm ready to learn and improve and in my 788 hours I have already made it to LE. I believe I have great game sense and am a very patient person. I do not get annoyed or give up. I am not an IGL but I am willing to listen to calls and follow then accordingly as well as potentially making a mid round call using my game sense.

Steam profile:


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1:11pm Jun 15th 15

Name: Miller (Prophecy)
Age:18 (10/09/1996)
MM Rank: MGE

I'm a IGL, I'm easy going and know how to take a joke but can take constructive criticism, I can attend LAN and Online torneys. My main maps are Inferno, Mirage, Cache, Dust 2, I am willing to learn other maps, smokes and strats.

Hours played: 511

Role: Rifle, AWP, IGL

I have TeamSpeak 3

Location: Gold Coast

Aims: Join a team, have fun and win

Weaknesses: I get worked up to much if I start doing bad but I am slowly not doing that.

Strengths: Aim, always ready to learn, smokes, call-outs/ Communication, I know how to take a joke