Chuckaue LFT :D

Chuckaue LFT :D

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6:49pm Jun 29th 15

Alias- Chuckaue :3

Age- 15

MM Rank- Legendary Eagle

Location- Australia NSW Albury

Previous Experience- Faceit cups, Aerolith cup and scrims

Aims- To find a team that I can learn from, a team that supports and stays positive and to improve in csgo.

-Playing aggressive
-my internet..

-I really like passive AWPing
-I hold angles really well
-I can hold sites really well
-I can entry frag and lurk (love entry fragging)
-Im a good player overall I think

Previous Teams
-Vengence- Septarr, Chooky, Rezrift, Hillsy and me
-Serenity- Crunchy, Texy, Obirenzz, Jako and me


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6:55pm Jun 29th 15

One of the best player in my friend list he is a decent player which he can almost use every gun well. I recommend this guy He love to stay positive and he is funny


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6:58pm Jun 29th 15

good and sharp guy, i reccommend him for a decent cga team, BOL chuck ily


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7:05pm Jun 29th 15

Thanks Lemo and Crunchy <3


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8:47pm Jun 29th 15

Great guy, easy to work with and communicates well. Would be a good addition to a team. He frags well as an individual but also within a team while working with others.

Best of luck Chuck


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12:35am Jun 30th 15

Strong overall player, great with communication and has a friendly/positive character. Mature, quick thinker and able to overcome most obstacles. Would highly recommend this guy to any team.


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9:51pm Jul 3rd 15

Hey man were interested in trialing you for our team (Proxy Games)

Add me at