OPL Competitive Ruling - Citad...

OPL Competitive Ruling - Citadel Gaming disbanding and Laney moving to Dire Wolves

OPL Competitive Ruling - Citadel Gaming disbanding and Laney moving to Dire Wolves

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12:36am Jul 22nd 15

Citadel Gaming have disbanded before the first match of the pro league which means that we must find a replacement team from the next qualified teams in the pro league qualifiers tournament which is Ivory Gaming, as per rule 1.3-A. Their first match will be played as per usual against Silicon Sports.

Regarding the Citadel Gaming ADC, Laney, move to Dire Wolves. He was not roster locked to Citadel as he did not play a match for Citadel in the Pro League. According to rule 3.4-E, roster locking only occurs when a player is checked in AND plays a minimum of 1 official match in the Pro League. An issue was brought up was that Laney was checked into Citadel for this week and rule 3.4-C states that players who wish to play for a team must be checked onto a team by midnight on the Sunday before the week they wish to play in. Due to this and the disbanding of Citadel Gaming, Laney is treated as a stand in for Dire Wolves as per rule 3.7-A. Because he was not checked into the team before the deadline Laney may only play if the Dire Wolves opposing team, Lore Gaming, allows it. If they do not allow them to use Laney, Dire Wolves must use their substitute Outshock or otherwise forfeit the match.

Applicable rules:

(a) Only teams who have officially qualified from the Invitational League or Pro League Qualifiers are eligible to participate in the Pro League.
(i) In case of a team being disqualified or removed from the Pro League, the next team in line from the Pro League Qualifiers results will be promoted to play in the Pro League.

(c) Any players or substitutes must be eligible to play on the team before 11:59pm AEST on Sunday night of each week to play in the following week.

(e) In the Pro League, players who are checked in and play a minimum of 1 game with the team will be roster locked for the entire season. This roster lock does not end until Regionals has been completed.

(a) A stand-in is a player who was not checked in at the start of the week, but is agreed upon between the two competing teams and a Cybergamer administrator before the start of a game.


Many rules are unclear on specific details so due to this we are adding some rules.



(d) Administrators hold all imformation that teams share with them with the utmost respect and only discuss the information between other administrators if action is required.


(i) Teams must have at least 3 core starting members by the end of the pro league. If any more than 3 core members that started on the team in the first match of OPL are not present on the teams roster, that team is deemed disbanded. Teams must set their core members in their Cybergamer team profile up to a max of 5 core members.

Please be aware that the rules are still subject to change under the rules disclaimer.


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10:51am Jul 22nd 15

Glad it worked out